Medicinal Flowers in India

Are you looking for some interesting medicinal flowers, here we have some list of flowers used for medicinal purpose in India and worldwide. Arena Flowers brings you the lowdown on medicinal flowers in India that deserve a spot in your garden for sure! These flowers are seasonal, easy to grow and ornamental! So, while you can enjoy the sheer brilliance of the flowers in your garden, you can get benefited from their healing and therapeutic properties too!

List of Medicinal Flowers

Peoniespeonies medicinal flowers

Peonies are known for their relaxant properties. A tonic made from peonies petals helps in cramps and muscular pain.

Plum FlowersPlum Medicinal Flowers

A Chinese preparation made from plum flowers boost the immune system and digestive system. If you want to get rid of toxins and ulcers, this tonic can help you to get rid of them naturally.

Rose:Rose Medicinal Flowers

In India, the rose is not just treated as a Valentine’s Day flowers to convey love and romance. Its sweet murraba is used to treat digestive issues. The petals are also used to enhance the flavour of desserts and relieve depression. Rose water calm the irritation in eyes while rose tea is used to cure constipation. Rose paste can also be used for acne management and treat acne breakouts.

Sunfloweryellow flowers in hand with girl sunflowers

hese bright and yellow flowers are not just for the ornamental purpose. Sunflower seeds are very beneficial for hair, skin and health. Sunflower seeds are also used to prepare refined oil. Its tea is also used to treat ulcers and abdominal cramps.

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LilacLilac Medicinal Flowers

Lilac flowers can be used to reduce fever and get rid of parasites. Use the juice or paste made from lilac flowers to soothe the burn and wounds.

Lotuslotus medicinal flower

In Eastern and Oriental cultures, the lotus is considered to be a sacred flower. It not only denotes spiritual enlightenment but is also effective in reducing temperature, diarrhea and bronchitis.

Morning GloryMorning Glory Medicinal flower

Morning glory seeds can cause hallucinatory effect and hence, shouldn’t be consumed. The petals, however, are used widely for their mild laxative effect. The petals also have emmenagogue effect on the body, and can induce periods in women or labour pains.

CarnationCarnation Medicinal Flowers

The base of the flower is bitter and when separated, the petals can be used to brew tea to reduce fatigue, stress, and anxiety. The petals can be used to treat skin breakouts and reduce swelling or inflammation.

ChrysanthemumChrysanthemum Medicinal flowers

Hot tea made from boiling chrysanthemum petals can bring relief and reduce pain as well as fever. Soothe tired and puffy eyes by keeping cotton plugs on eyes steeped in the same, but the cool mix.

BegoniaBegonia flower medicinal purpose

An infusion made from begonia flowers can relieve headaches and flush away toxins. The flowers can also be rubbed directly against the wounds and burns to reduce inflammation.

DandelionDandelion medicinal flowers

An effective blood cleanser and laxative, dandelion flowers are a fantastic choice for holistic well-being.

JasmineJasmine medicinal flowers

Jasmine flowers are used extensively in Indian culture. Their strong fragrance helps you to stay calm and ease the pain. The cuts and bruises can be healed with the petals and jasmine tea can help you reduce menstrual pain and reduce inflammation. Digestive issues can also be managed effectively with exotic jasmine flowers. Brew fresh jasmine tea just before going to the bed to ward off anxiety issues and insomnia.

These flowers are easy to grow and definitely deserve to be in your backyard or kitchen garden. Let your home bask in their sheer fragrance and beauty, while you gain from their therapeutic properties. Experience the flower power, naturally and without any side effects! However, if you are on any medication, it is advised that you consult your doctor before consuming these medicinal flowers in India orally.