Bangalore Taj Exotica Wedding Arrangements By FlowersNGreens

It was a lovely day of winter in Bangalore. We were excited to make a perfect wedding flower decoration at Bangalore Taj, it was huge opportunity for us to become a part of Taj decorations in Bangalore.wedding2

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Wedding is the time when two hearts unite and are bounded for all the life to come. It is not just an auspicious occasion but a very special one at that. This a day which is etched in memory of the people getting married for all the time to come and as such everything must be simply perfect for this day. The perfect wedding cannot be made possible without the setting of the right ambiance and there can never be a grand and pompous setting as is the of weddings without flowers. From the gate through which the bridegroom enters to the altar where the wedding takes place every place must be decked up with flowers apt and in accordance with the theme of the wedding.



Every flower used must be harmonious with the effect desired to be produced and be subtle and smooth at the same time. Such flowers must be selected which depict elegance and beauty and at the same time are bright and stylish. A preference to fresh flowers is generally given while choosing the type of flower for the purpose of wedding as it portrays a fresh and clean ambience which increases the sanctity of the event. Not only the selection of the flowers but the right selection of designs is also of utmost importance to make sure that the wedding hall looks picture perfect.