5 Ways to Bring Color to Your World with Flowers: Try it NOW!

add flowers to homeSpring or not, flowers should be the mainstay of decor at your home! They bring warmth to even the dullest corner of the house. Put a single twig of rose in the tea-cup that you don’t use anymore and it becomes the center point of your décor. Not even your costly silver cutlery can match its sparkle and shine! Now imagine what a bouquet of fresh flowers could do to your living space! Monochrome or not, exotic tulips or classic marigolds, their bright colors and pleasant fragrance make home welcoming and awesome.

Now, when we have got to talking, here are some wonderful flower arrangement ideas to introduce color to your home with flowers. Easy, effective and totally in your budget!

  • Make a Difference with DIY arrangements:

flowers in vaseGive your lovely abode a dash of color and a jolt of bright with floral arrangements. Take cut flowers and arrange them the way you want to! Don’t be shy to experiment and create. Whether you want to arrange different flowers in a stunning bouquet and put them in a ceramic vase or bind the stems with greenery, in an empty crate, choice is yours! Think outside the vase, or inside! As long as it’s pretty and looks adorable, nobody is going to complain about your DIY spree!

  • Cheer up your Entrance:

entrance flowersIt is said that good luck comes through the front door. So, make sure you are ready to welcome it with open arms! Don’t let your entrance sit dull and drab while you are busy decorating the interiors. Make the entrance as impressive as the rest of the house with flowers. Accentuate the doors and entry stairways with blooms. You don’t have to make it a wedding entrance but you can certainly have potted flowers and plants to cheer it up.  You can hang DIY garlands and place ceramic bowl with floating candles and flowers in it.

  • Pop of Pastels and Peaches:

pastel & peachesOh the thing of beauty! Put your floral bouquet atop the refrigerator or coffee table. And you know what; it doesn’t even have to be in a stereotypical vase. You can place a stem or two in a wine bottle or an upcycled mason jar. A tall glass centerpiece with mixed flower bouquet too echoes the chic and cozy quotient of your home.

  • Quirk it up:

drama & decorIt is time to break the rules and add drama to your décor. Show your crazy and creative side to the world. Take a bulb, pull its inside out and make it your planter.  Go for arrangement that looks crazy and breathtaking in the same breath. Quick tip: Three-tier floral arrangement is easy and makes for an adorable display. Take flowers of three different colors. Tall stems go in the last. Cut the rest of stems accordingly in descending order and place the bunch in the vase!  Big blooms work better for this kind of arrangement. You can also use different flowers of the same color like red tulips, red roses and zinnias but contrast colors work better as quirky combinations.

  • Potluck with Potpourris:

dried fragrance flowersAccentuate your home with potpourris. Besides, these are considered to be ultimate centerpieces and definitely can perk up your evening wine sessions with candles, decorative trays and mini glass goblets to accompany the scene.

Adorn your living space with flowers and fall in love with your home all over again! You don’t need to master extraordinary creative or DIY skills but just a desire is enough to give your abode a makeover with flowers!