Are you Ignoring These 5 Symptoms of Flower Emergency?

HIBISCUSAre you Ignoring These 5 Symptoms of Flower Emergency?

The sparkly and fresh flowers are the perfect gift for Valentines’ Day.  Any given big day and special moments can be made memorable with flowers. But we always miss out on our own flower emergency, the situations where we are in dire need of getting the flower boost and petal rush! Here we have listed 5 emergencies that can only be sorted with flowers. Next time it happens, you know what to do!

When you have hit the enough-is-enough button:

Be it some work crisis or you are just tired of being a parent, take a break. Book flowers online with a motivational message. When you will receive it, trust me, it will be better than eating a chocolate or getting a spa (these don’t hurt either, perks they areJ). Hey, we aren’t the one saying this; even science has proved that vibrant hues and fragrance of flowers can alter your mood significantly.

orchid-pinkWriter’s Block? Not Hitting the Mark at Work?

Flowers are the perfect solution to induce creativity and trigger the positive thoughts, resulting in a performance boost at workplace as well as creativity. Different researches have concluded that a workplace with plants and flowers is a happy place and less-depressed. People working there tend to get more innovative ideas and have a considerably positive approach towards problems.

Facing the Music?

An oasis is the place with flowers and greenery amidst a desert. When stress runs high and tensions run amok, everybody’s heart yearn for an oasis, a respite where they could leave every tension behind and think straight for a while. Set up your own oasis at home. Let flowers dominate and their fragrance flow in the air to soothe you. Do your thing there, read books to drift your thoughts, listen to music or better fall asleep to clear your mind.

flower importance

Starting Mornings on a Bad Note?

Sometimes we become so stressed that the Blues, which are usually reserved for Mondays only, extend to every morning. You feel bleh, cranky and irritated to the core. At such times, replace bad mornings with positivity and warmth of flowers. Keep fresh flowers on dinner tables or kitchen sills where you visit often in the morning.

Rekindle the Fire:

Missing the spark in your relationship? Are you two falling prey to the mundaneness of life? Deadly bored to the bones, are you? Surprise your spouse with flowers and small messages. This might not mean much in the beginning but slowly the flower magic and your messages that ‘you care’ will start showing their charm.

All in all, don’t underestimate the flower power. Don’t restrict them for special occasions and don’t deprive yourself from them when they can spice up and perk up your life as well.