Carnations- the symbol of mother’s love, purity and calmness

5994Carnation is one of the most graceful and good looking flowers you have around. Also referred to as Dianthus caryophyllus by the botanists, carnation has a very rich and vivid history and its botanical name ‘Dianthus’ translates to be "flower of love".


Carnations in that ancient era were mostly originated in the colour of pasty pink and peach, but as the time passed the range of the available range of colours of the carnation has extended to take in the colours of red, yellow, white, purple, and green.

All through the ancient time of changes, the fame of the carnation has not been decreased. The truth that the carnation continues to carry on is evidence to its enormous beauty.

Some exciting trivia regarding Carnations

  • Carnations are the symbol of affection, charm and peculiarity.
  • Carnations originated from the regions of Eurasia.
  • In the past, Carnations were famous to have been employed for the first time by the citizens of Greece and Rome for their garlands.
  • Carnation flowers last for a long time period even when they are cut from the main plant.

·         Carnation flowers have become a representative of the love and affection of a mother and also of the Mother's Day