Floral Jewelry for Baby Shower Ceremony: Trends you should watch out for!

Baby Shower Flower Jewellery Ideas

Baby shower or godh bharai is a special occasion, as special as a new baby. This is a ceremony that is organized to welcome the new baby and bless the mother-to-be. And there can’t be a better way than celebrating the occasion with flowers or adorning the mother with floral jewelry! Putting together the perfect baby shower with beautiful flower basket, gourmet chocolates and customized gift combo can ensure beautiful celebrations for an occasion like this. You might have heard a lot about it or be the part of such celebrations as well but the latter has got us more exciting and thrilled. We are sure, now you too want in!

We have seen how floral jewellery took the center stage in the wedding and mehndi ceremonies of Bollywood and small screen actresses. And let’s not just stop there. Just like the variations, the scope of sporting floral jewellery at an occasion is never-ending!

  • First thing first. We can’t think of anything better than flowers to let the new mother-to-be revel in! Since flowers are the best offerings provided to the mankind by Mother Nature, these can be the perfect way to portray your express your love and care. Flowers don’t overwhelm you with the weight or fragrance. They let the spotlight on you and don’t take it away.

  • Their subtle and subliminal fragrance uplifts the mood of mother and guests. Be it a quiet gathering or quite a celebration, floral jewelry for baby shower can be the best gift for new mothers and guests.

  • Celebrating with flowers could be a wonderful idea if you don’t want your yet-to-be born kid to breathe in a non-natural environment of sprays and chemical. Don’t make yourself feel bogged down and under the stress with the heavy ornaments. It is your day and you ought to be enjoying it the best.

Bollywood and Hollywood Baby Shower Jewellery Trends

While Beyonce’s elaborate headgear is a difficult goal to follow through, you can take a clue from Geeta Basra’s baby shower that drives closer to home and is really simple yet every bit ethereal. Feel like a princess in this classy crown that welcomes the new born child with open arms.

Is your baby shower going to be a quiet affair with your girl friends? If so, we have got just the perfect flower jewelry idea for you to celebrate and feel like an angel! Kim Kardashian’s baby shower gives us pretty serious goals that are viable and at the same time, oh so gorgeous!

Decided to throw your best pal a last-minute surprise? Don’t want to go overboard with the flowers and look OTT? Well, tuck a few tuberose or peonies in the hair and look every bit the diva you are! The good thing with flowers is that you can never go overboard with them. The more, the better and the little also do wonders to you!

Flowers can jazz up a lavish affair too! See for yourself! As this beautiful mom-to-be revel in the attention and fragrance of flowers, her friends also sport the floral crowns like a diva!

Let your fun side be on the top and take a cue from Victoria Beckham and her baby shower ceremony, which was thrown by her friends at the last-minute. They can be seen indulging in toilet paper costume making game and sporting the floral jewelry that is nothing you have ever seen before!

And it is not that you can’t go traditional, wear a saree, invite your parents and can’t wear flower jewelry for your baby shower! Have a look at the traditional baby shower ceremony of Aishwarya Rai, who looks like a diva and stunning in a saree. She sports an elaborate gajra made of tuberose flowers.

Flowers have been an integral part of Indian tradition. From birth ceremonies to marriage, flowers can help you dazzle and sizzle. The floral jewelry can be fun, frolic and festive, celebrating the very spirit of the occasion. Make it memorable and lavish with the floral jewelry that is meant to pronounce your baby glow and charm! Want to know more about baby shower floral jewelry, contact the experts here!