Step-5-Yellow-Wildflower-CenterpiecesDon’t we all just love to surprise our loved ones with some pretty flowers whenever we get a chance to? Now there can be a possibility that you may be on a shoestring budget when that special occasion pops up where you really want to spoil your beloved with some gorgeous fresh flowers. But should this stop you from implementing the whole idea that can bring a priceless smile at your loved one’s face? Well certainly not, for your choices may be limited but then how about showing some creativity fellas? Here’s how you can transform your cheap flowers into fancy looking blooms without obviously exceeding your budget.


Yes we hear you that you were getting a lot of different varieties of flowers at a really cheap price but this doesn’t mean you have to buy them all to include in your bouquet. After all it’s a flower bouquet and not a fruit salad arrangement. Just one variety of flowers at a timein one bouquet will have a luxe look as compared to a several varieties mixed together.


Even while being on a tight budget, you can still have your bouquet presented with panache. Try to employ flowers that have big heads in your arrangement. You can pick blooms like dahlias, sunflowers etc. Include just a small number of these flowers and bulk up rest of your bouquet with less expensive accessories and foliage like ribbons, diamante, raffia and other such stuff. It will make for a breath taking bouquet.


While it is possible that your recipient loves some exotic flowers that may be way out of your budget, this doesn’t mean that you can’t include a few of them in your bouquet. In case their favourite flower happens to fall under your budget then hooray but if not, use a few of them in your flower arrangement along with other affordable flowers. It would be a nice way of letting them know that you care about their choice.


What if you can’t afford your loved one’s favourite flowers, you can always opt for their favourite colour in flowers. If their favourite blooms are available in their favourite colours and are affordable too then bingo, else you always have a great backup plan in the form of picking a nice bunch of just any pretty flowers available in their favourite colour. It’s a win-win situation, yay!

Why send a half-hearted bunch of flowers to someone when you can actually make your bouquet look worth double the actual price of it. Aside from the aforementioned ways, you can add succulents to your floral arrangement to make your bouquet look fuller and classier. You can also use a nice crystal vase or a wide glass bowl to add to the impact of your otherwise ordinary looking flower arrangement and present it to your loved ones. No matter which way you want to opt for to present your thrifty flowers in an elegant way, do not forget to plan ahead of time for it or you might end up shelling out a lot of money.