Keep your Flowers Alive Longer


So you have just received a beautiful bouquet of flowers. If you want them to stand the test of time you will need to know how to properly care for them. We have a few simple tips to keep that bouquet of flowers in fresh, beautiful bloom longer. Check this guide to flower care before you proceed with caring for your flowers.

The Stems

You are going to have to cut the stems of your flowers to help keep them fresh. Cut them at an angle under running water. When the stem is at an angle it allows them to drink more water. If you are not sure what length to cut the stem at hold them up to the vase they are going in. Always start by cutting less. You can cut more off if they are too tall, but you can’t add length back to the stem if you cut them too short.


Remove Leaves

You don’t want leaves that fall below the water line in your vase. Remove any leaves that will fall below this line. Not only does it look better, but it helps prevent the growth of bacteria that can kill your flowers early on.


It is best to use room temperature water. You should fill your vase roughly three quarters of the way. Make sure the water is above the floral foam if the arrangement has it. Add flower food to your water if it comes with your bouquet.

Tips for Longevity

Add about 1/4 cup of sprite to your flower water. the sugar from the soda helps feed the flowers and the acidity prevents harmful toxins from growing.

Add a dash of bleach to the water in your flower vase. Bleach will help prevent the growth of bacteria, which is the prime cause of flowers dying early on.

Get rid of dirty water. Every other day you should dump the dirty water and rinse the vase so it is clean. Clean water will help your flowers stay in bloom longer.

On day three of having your flowers re-cut the stems to freshen them up. You should also remove any spent leaves and dead flowers to keep your bouquet as fresh as possible.

Flowers last the longest in cool temperatures. Keep them away from direct sunlight, heat and drafts. Display them in an area that is between 65 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

potted flowers

Potted Flower Care

If you have received a potted flower chances are you want it to last a long time. That being said, keeping a flower alive can be tricky. They need exact care in order to thrive. The following tips for potted flower care will help you keep your flower in bloom longer.

Set your pot in a drip tray. Use rocks, or a small wooden block to create space between the bottom of the pot and the tray. This will prevent your flower from over absorbing the water that runs into the tray.

Potted flowers dry out quicker than flowers in a garden bed so they need to be watered more frequently. Check the soil, if it feel dry water it. Add water until you see water coming through the drain holes in the pot.

Provide enough sunlight for your plant to flower and thrive. You want to pick a window the faces south or east because that is where it will get the brightest sunlight. When the flower is blooming move it out of direct sunlight and to a location that gets indirect sunlight.

Keep your plant in a room that has a temperature between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. Move the plant to a room that is 10 degrees cooler at night because it will help prolong the blooming.

In the spring, summer and fall fertilize your plant with a balanced liquid fertilizer. No need to fertilize the plant when it is dormant.

Check the plant regularly for growing roots. If the roots are growing out of the pot you will need to repot the plant in a larger pot.

Avoid getting water on the flowers leaves. this can cause mild and other diseases.

Remove dead blooms to improve the growth of living blooms.