Make this Valentine day Memorable with the Help of Flowers

red rosesIn this world, there are different religions and all of them have different cultures and festivals to celebrate. But 14th February is a special day when all people around the world celebrate the day of love with their partner. Although it is not a public holiday but still everybody wants to celebrate the Valentine’s Day with their loved ones. Many people find their soul mate in this special day. But we often get confused what should we gift on this special occasion. What will make her the happiest person in the world? Many people give Diamond rings, Jewelry, Clothes or Watches to their girl friend or spouse.  But among many gifts, one thing is very common. Everyday buy a red rose for their loved ones. It is a symbol of expressing love and nobody wants to lose this special opportunity to express their feelings to his spouse or girlfriend by gifting a beautiful red rose. Although there are no special reasons for this celebration, some of the most common reasons are listed below.

  • Many people celebrate this occasion in the memory of St. Valentine whom we called the saint of love.
  • It is just a good reason to go for a romantic weekend with the person you loved most.
  • It is a special day when we can dinner with our partner in a luxurious five star hotel.
  • It may be celebrated because in this special day, you can express your feelings to the one whom you want to be your partner for the rest of the life.

Red_Rose_HandbagFlowers stores are most crowded in this special day. Even if you forget to buy something special for your loved one, a beautiful red rose will definitely make her happy. A bunch of roses with a special smile in her face will definitely make her day. Every woman dreams to get red roses from her partner in this special day.  Many people may ask why it is common among all gifts. Though there is no specific reason for that still one can say flower is a symbol of beauty and that is why it is gifted on this beautiful day.  Different flowers carry different meaning on this special day.

Rose- Rose is the most preferred flower on the Valentine’s Day. It is way of conveying the message of love to your partner. Red rose is a symbol of beauty and love while ping roses signify joy and elegance. If you are passionate about your love then you must gift an orange rose to your girlfriend. Yellow and white roses are symbol of warmth and purity respectively. If you are new in love then you must gift a lavender rose to your partner as it is a sign of new love.

Lilies- If you want to be different from others, you can gift a bouquet of fresh lilies instead of roses to your soul mate. Celebration, enthusiasm and ambition all are symbolized by this beautiful flower. It can be a nice gift on the Valentine’s Day as  it gives a feeling of passion, devotion and love to your partner.

Orchids: If you want to make this day the most memorable one, give a bouquet of orchids to your loved one. Orchid is always flowers-melanieadmired for its beauty and when you gift to your special one it will definitely give a special feelings to her. Beauty, love and seduction are all symbolized by orchids. As there are varieties of orchids available in the world, you may get confused which one to buy. So, do not get confused as any blooming orchid is going to be a wonderful gift for your spouse or girlfriend.

Carnations: A bunch carnations can also be a nice gift on the Valentine’s Day. Though carnations are available in many colors all of them symbolize one meaning and that is Love. If you are in the first stage in your relationship, you can gift carnations to your partner on this special day as every woman loves this beautiful flower.

Tulips:Last but probably the most beautiful way of expressing strong love and feelings towards your valentine is by gifting a bunch of red tulips on this special day. Yellow and pink tulips on the other hand symbolize caring and affection. Other than red roses, you can give a bouquet of tulips made up with different cwedding2olors. This will definitely create a long lasting impression in her mind.

Not only gifting flowers is enough, you must celebrate this special day in the most creative way to create a lifelong memory in her mind. Candle light dinner, gazing stars and sharing past memories in front of fire are some of the useful ways to make this day most memorable. So, plan for it and do not forget to buy a bouquet of beautiful flower for your beloved ones.