Orange Rose Meaning and History: Never Get your Roses Wrong!

Orange Roses

Chanced upon orange roses online at Arena Flowers? Fascinating and beautiful, right? If you want to know more about the rose colors and meaning, here you go! Read on and know your roses inside-out so that you send roses online that convey and express your emotions right!

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Orange roses came into existence only around the 20th century that cultivars started experimenting with red and yellow roses. The new and fresh look of orange roses brought upon the transformation of flower market as well as a paradigm shift in user behavior.

Orange Rose Meaning

Orange roses are the blend of yellow and red color. A hybrid of yellow and red rose, an orange rose stands for your feelings that are subtle, coy and seeking a mutual ground. Orange blooms are the middle ground for the feelings that are represented by yellow and singleĀ red roses.

Send orange roses to a person for whom you have mixed feelings, the feelings that are treading onto the territory of love but emerge from friendship. However, donā€™t think that just because orange flowers are used to represent a coy love, it canā€™t convey your emotions in the right manner. The orange colour of roses is intense and fierce. The brightness of orange roses can convey your intensity, passion and enthusiasm. So, if you want to brighten up someone specialā€™s particularly dull day or want to wish your friend a speedy recovery, orange roses are the perfect choice to go for!

Orange roses are perfect to thank somebody for their actions! If you are doing good and feeling blessed because of your parents, mentors or friends, go for them!

When can you gift orange roses?

You can gift orange roses to express your love, feelings of gratitude, wish someone nothing but the best and congratulate your loved ones on special occasions such as anniversary and birthdays. Show your loved ones that you care and love them immensely with a fresh flower bouquet made of handpicked and handcrafted roses by the expert florists at Arena Flowers.

Orange roses are a token of appreciation. Their bright yet soothing colour makes the bunch perfect for Halloween, BFFs, honeymoons, academic achievement and love-sick couples! They are quite a popular gifting option during the warm summer evening and on Valentineā€™s Day!