Picking Groom’s flowers

grooms floral ideasWhile planning a wedding, even the tiniest of details need to be considered, and everything needs to be perfect, for the wedding day to be the best day for both the groom and the bride, ranging from the catering to the venue to the clothes. This even includes the boutonniere for the groom, which is not as easy to choose as it may sound. All eyes are not only on the bride, but follow the groom too, making sure he looks perfect, and that is why he needs to look flawless. grooms flowers
Flowers, since the beginning of time have been used to express a lot of different sentiments, feelings and messages, and that is they purpose they serve at weddings too. Worn over the left lapel, the boutonniere is conveniently placed really close to the heart of the groom. These days, custom made wedding suits and tuxedos are designed with a separate loop to fit the stem. A single flower is used, as more would result in over-doing it, and would make it all go wrong. Usually, the broom’s flower is in sync with the bride’s bouquet and dress, and also the surroundings. However, the two can be different, each in accordance to the persons’ style statement and what he wants to express, without looking like a complete and utter disaster.grooms-flowers

While selecting your boutonniere, you just need to keep the following things in mind. Firstly, don’t overdo it and secondly, do not go against the theme. Whatever you choose, it should always compliment the bride, her dress and her bouquet. It is your day, and no matter what you choose, there is no wrong or right, really. Whichever way you prefer and like your flowers are your right choice. However, there are a few flowers that complement the buttonhole more than anything else. Flowers that are popular for buttonholes include roses, carnations, orchids, and small varieties of lily. Lily of the valley is much more popular than the rest for buttonholes because it is an expensive, delicate flower but goes a long way in a boutonniere. Orchids too look highly amazing when used as boutonnieres, due to their elegance and gracefulness.
Therefore, do not just think of a groom’s flower that does not require attention, and put the right amount of thought and action into choosing the perfect flower for your perfect day.