Stargazer Lilies Meaning, Types and History

Stargazer Lilies Meaning

Stargazer lilies, just like their name, are the star of the floral world! Arena Flowers presents this series to help you understand flower types and meanings so that you never go wrong with your flowers. Stargazers are dramatic and bold in their appearance. They are fragrant too and hence, they can announce their presence from quite afar. An offbeat variety of lilies, they take the boredom out of simple and elegant-looking lilies.  This is quite a recent addition to the families and is an exotic hybrid, which was developed in the late 20th century. However, stargazer lily has become a popular and sought-after choice.Stargazer Lilies India

History of Stargazer Lilies

The Stargazer was developed by Leslie Woodruff in the year 1978. He cross-pollinated an Oriental lily and Asiatic lily to breed this beautiful lily flower. This fruitful coalition brought together the fragrance and shapely flowers of an Asiatic lily and bright colours as well as ‘hardy’ habits of an Oriental lily. Since the flowers open towards the sky, they were named Stargazers by Woodruff.

The most common stargazer lily species has petals of bright pink colour and speckles in yellow and white hues. Pink, white and yellow flowers are also available. The fragrance of the hybrid lilies is bold yet pleasant and heady. The flowers stay fresh for longer time and thanks to their sturdy stem, they are a fantastic choice as cut flowers and long-stemmed flower arrangements.

The lilies plant is easy to grow, but unfortunately, some people might experience discomfort and allergy from its fragrance. It is very rare but if you have allergies, it is better to steer clear of these flowers. All lilies are also toxic and hence, it is advised to keep them away from kids and pets.

Stargazer Lilies Flower Colour Meaningstargazer lily color meaning

Stargazer flowers are dramatic and a hybrid yet evolved form of lilies. The bold and gorgeous pink stargazer lily stands for financial success, abundance, wellness, and prosperity. However, the flower is so impressive that it can be used to represent and symbolize everything that you would want it to convey! Let the fresh lily flower bouquet made of handpicked stargazer lilies profess your love or say that you are missing your special someone, or send your best wishes to your best friend on his birthday or trust stargazers to convey your best wishes to your board members!

Lilies meaning stand for purity and innocence in the world of flowers. Since stargazer lilies were discovered in the late 20th century, they are being seen as a symbol of evolution. White stargazer lilies are referred to as a potent symbol of transcending spiritual barriers. They are the flower of the 30th-wedding anniversary, celebrating a couple’s everlasting true love. The stargazers are true lilies and stand out of the crowd due to their striking appearance. They also tell people to stay true to themselves and never leave hope. You can also send a bunch of yellow or orange stargazer lilies to your friend on a dull day or to motivate them to stay positive and have faith.

Stargazer Lilies Bring Life to Homelilies gifting India meaning

The flower brings together the perfect feature of oriental and Asian lilies and sends out the messages of higher aspiration and perfection as well.

Since the flower buds open towards the sky, stargazer lilies represent unlimited meaningful possibilities that are there to pursue. They also urge to look towards heaven and never leave hope.

Of all the things, stargazer lilies stand for persistence and success. The flowers came into existence after various attempts at cross –pollination, but eventually they did and how!

When can you Gift Stargazer Lilies?

  • On 30th Anniversary
  • When you want to get rid of pessimistic and negative vibes in workplace or at home
  • Want to give a message of hope and convey the power of persistence
  • Celebrate academic and professional achievement
  • When you would like to stay motivated to achieve success
  • Say ‘I Love You’ or ‘I’m Sorry’