What do Roses Mean?

Roses are without a doubt one of the most popular flowers sent worldwide. Roses generally mean love, but different colours also mean different things. Let’s first take a look at the history of roses.

All the meanings of roses go way, way back to ancient civilizations. Ancient Egyptian graves were known to have solidified roses, and even before our time on earth, fossils were discovered in Europe. Cleopatra filler her living quarters with rose petals, so that when Marc Antony met her, he would long remember her for such lavishness and would be reminded of her every time he smelt a rose. This worked for her and shows how powerful this beautiful flower can be.yellow rose

In religion, some documents state that the rose was a symbol of the blood of the martyrs.

The Romans took the meaning of roses as a symbol of love, secrecy and beauty. In Roman dining rooms the ceilings were covered in roses, and this was to remind guests that whatever had been said during dinner was a secret. The Romans also cultivated this beauty of a bloom and named it Rosa Gallica and newly married couples were often crowned with roses.

The Latin words “sub rosa” means “under the rose” and still to this day means confidentiality.

The rose also has a history in Greek mythology. Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, apparently created a rose when she was shedding tears and the blood of her lover Adonis.

As we’ve found with all other flowers, colours have meaning too, and can be just as significant.red rose

What do the colours of roses mean?

  • A red rose symbolises love and romance, therefore making it a popular Valentine’s gift all over the world.Scottish poet Robert Burns didn’t compare his love to a red, red rose for nothing. They have been long connected with beauty and perfection. Red roses are the ideal gift to say “I love you”. It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, if you want to express your love, then red roses are your perfect colour choice.
  • A pink rose means love, gratitude and appreciation. They are without a doubt a versatile rose colour to send, when you have an important message to convey. The pink rose is a symbol of grace and elegance and they’re often given to show admiration and appreciation.
  • The white rose is a symbol of marriage, spirituality and new starts. Even though they are traditionally linked with marriages and new beginnings, their beauty also signifies remembrance. When the occasion calls for respect, whether stately or sombre, a bouquet of white rose is the ideal way to say, “I’m thinking of you.”
  • The orange rose stands for enthusiasm and passion. They shout energy, and these are the crazy kids of the rose family. Whatever feelings you might be having, like enthusiasm, passion and gratitude go for a strong and energetic message with elegance too.
  • The yellow rose stands for friendship, joy and good health. When it comes to sending a happy message, yellow roses will do the job. In fact, they are a traditional symbol of friendship. They’re sunny and warm, and this will light up the receiver’s day. You can say thanks, get well or even congratulation. You might want to slip in a message of thanks for being such a great friend!
  • The purple rose symbolises enchantment and enthrallment. They are often used to show someone how enchanted and enthralled you are, so they can be a great gift on Valentine’s Day too, or any other day that you just want to send out this awesome message.

red rosesNow that we’ve looked at the meanings of the rose and its colours, let’s take a look at what the meaning is behind the amount of roses you send! Yes, unbelievably this sends a strong message too!

  • 1 rose – love at first sight
  • 3 roses – I love you
  • 6 roses – I’m devoted to you and I want to be yours
  • 10 roses – you re perfect
  • 12 roses – be my sweetheart
  • 20 roses – I’m very interested in you
  • 24 roses – I can’t get you off my mind
  • 36 roses – I will cherish our romantic moments
  • 99 roses – I will love you forever
  • 100 roses – I will remain devoted to you

There’s our complete guide to roses and what they mean. Hopefully this will help you pick out the best bunch of roses to get your message across loud and strong! Visit our website to take a look at everything we’ve got on offer!