Winter Season Flowers in India

Winter Season Flowers

Winter flowers in India are such a delight to lay your eyes on. India’s is a land of diversity, even if we are talking about the weather. We have Mumbai, which is so blessed to have no winters at all and on the other hand, we have Sikkim Flower Valley that receive snowfall, but also brings over 35 varieties of Himalayan flowers and rhododendrons. Besides, all over in North India and North East India, you have winter season spell throwing you off your feet and bedazzling you with the sheer charm of beautiful flowers.

Winter season flowers are in India are usually very colourful and look gorgeous juxtaposed against the dark and gloomy winter sky. These are annual plants that can be grown from seeds and propagation. These can be grown in containers, beds, borders or as an edging. The seeds should be sown in from October to November. There are plants that hibernate during December and January and starts blooming on the first hints of spring.  So, here we go!

List of Flowers in Winters in India

Alyssum: The flowers are generally white, but just so that you know no less gorgeous and breathtaking. These honey-scented flowers in full blooming phase grow and spread over the garden like a carpet. The plant is drought-resistant and a hardy. It grows up to 6 inches tall and produces blooms in a tiny cluster. The flowers are also available in purple, yellow, pink and salmon colours apart from white.Alyssum flower in winter

Snapdragon: It is an herbaceous perennial plant and is also called Antirrhinum. The flowers are called snapdragon because their mouths resemble a dragon’s mouth when snapped at the throat. The flowers are yellow, white or crimson in colour and popular with the gardeners because of their ornamental value. The plant and its cultivars are also considered to be a model organism in botanical research and their genome is being studied extensively.snapdragon flower in winter

Aster: If you are looking to pep up your garden with the fall flowers, aster is just the right flower you and can be the real start of your autumn garden! This long-stemmed flower makes for excellent cut flowers. The star-shaped flowers come in different sizes, hues and shapes.Aster flowers in winter in India

Calendula: The medicinal benefits of calendula need no introduction. This wonderful yellow flower is usually called Marigold or Mary’s gold, due to their association with Catholic events in the ancient times. Romans and Greeks used the flowers to make crowns and headgears as well as in rituals. The flower is also used to enhance the flavour of cheese and salads. It works well as a bedding plant too.Calendula flower in winter in India

Dianthus: The flowers are also called sweet William due to their sweet fragrance. The plant can be grown as an annual, a biennial or a perennial. It is perfect for beds, rock gardens, window containers and borders. The spicy fragrance of the flower has an undertone of cloves and cinnamon. It is a hardy plant and its flowers are also called the ‘pinks’ because of their colour. The plant is in the same family with carnations.Dianthus flower in winter

Pansy: Not only they have got one of the best colour flowers for the winter season but also they are relatively easy to grow. They were used to express ‘sweet remembrance’ in the 15th century. The flowers have three different colours, usually, white or yellow, purplish or blue. Depending on the climate or the texture of the soil, the colour of the flowers would change.pansy flowers in winters

Petunia: Petunia flowers grow quickly and are available in a rainbow of colours such as red, white, yellow, pink and purple. The flowers are perfect for hanging baskets and planters. The plant is a hardy one and doesn’t need much care or extra maintenance. The seeds, however, need sunlight to germinate due to their small size and hence, it is advised not to cover them soil properly. Soil should be well-drained and little sandy.Petunia flowers in winters

Zinnia: Bringing a palette of rainbow colours to your garden, zinnia flowers are no-fuss and easy-on-maintenance. The flowers can be propagated directly from the seeds and the seeds should be sown between April and May for these fall flowers. Besides, the International Space Station succeeded in growing zinnia flowers in the space as well! So, why wouldn’t you have one of these flowers in the garden in the winter season in India?Zenia green flowers