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Spread Joy On Hug Day

'Hug', may be the simplest and cutest way to share love and affection. We embrace our friends, mates, family, and colleagues, people we love and express our attachment to them.

Life is represented by a collection of memories, experiences and decisions. The incidents that have occurred in your life define you as an individual, who you truly are. While some of them might get attached in your memory forever, others might have faded away over a period of time. However, every decision that was being taken was done only after giving it a substantial amount of thought and closely evaluating all the possible alternatives.

Hugging has all the positive qualities and self esteem; such as whenever you hug someone with the feeling of accepting him or her becomes quite precise and clear. Hugging also symbolizes that the hugger is an extremely emotional person and willing to spread friendship and good feeling.

Hugging reveal the contagious and sincere attributes of one special contributes of one's character. Some clinical therapist says that a real good hug is a mild form of breathing therapy. Hugging sometimes relaxes your pains after long shifts of your work schedule in the busiest days. There is a natural breathing that invites a very deep breath; deeper than you can take if you try and take a deep breath by yourself.

The key to it is in tricking the nervous system into letting the muscles of the rib cage go so that the lungs can fill up easier and fuller. A hug is one of those of "tricks." This stimulates a deeper nervous relaxation response and you experience a sense of calm, ease or pleasurable excitement.

Gifts are no doubt a wonderful way to express your love and affection for your beloved. It is indeed one of the finest ways to show that how much you care for someone you love the most. But sometimes, gifting is not necessary. Just spending time together is enough to reveal your warmth. Even your beloved will feel good if you take some time out of your schedule and spend quality time together.

The color red, the heart shaped figures, the cupid and its arrow, roses, flowers: these are dominant in the entire month of February. The Valentine’s Week decoration includes all these lovely things and many more things as well, depending on place to place, and on people as well. There are valentine week specials wherever you go, be it movie theatres, coffee shops, retail shops and restaurants, shopping malls, apparel shops, etc. The shopping malls often have many games arranged for the couples who visit these malls.

Here are some ideas that you can follow to make the hug day memorable:

  • Two people can enjoy a hot air balloon ride high up in the air. It is really a unique experience if you are not afraid of flying. Set your romantic day trip soaring high as there are many flights taking off around the UK. Share your romantic gestures and make it a great day.
  • Actually, these days the technology offers you several choices to make a gift, you could buy a special gadget that your couple does not have and want, like an MP3, an IPOD, camera, a DVD player, a cell phone, maybe a mouse, a headset, and a microphone to use in the computer, a web cam.
  • You can also plan to have a diner with her. A candlelight dinner with your loved one on a cruise can be the most wonderful gifts ever; the only consequences are that you have to plan it very well. A small mistake can spoil her mood. Do not forget to gift her Rose when you meet her. This will really bring an innocent smile in her face.
  • No matter what gift you choose for the love of your life this Valentine's Week, make sure you put a lot of thought behind it. Taking time to slow down and make the appropriate choice for the woman in your life will help you reap rewards for months to come.
  • Sometimes it can be a little crowded when going out to eat or getting drunk on Valentines Week.  A good way to avoid the masses and still have a romantic time is to stay home and watch a romantic movie.  Every girl loves a good romantic movie, so it is never a bad idea to rent a new release.  You can also open a bottle of champagne and eat chocolate covered strawberries to add to the romantic feel of the day.
  • So, this Hug Day makes it a perfect time to indulge in a romantic getaway. You can even look for fine hotels and resorts that create special packages for an overnight stay, a long weekend, a long drive along the countryside by a rental car or more time to enjoy the romance on and around Valentine's Day.