The Teddy Day Makes The World Go Cuddly

February 10th is Teddy day or Teddy Bear day and comes on the 4th day of the Valentine’s week and is cherished by giving teddy bears or soft toys to your beloved ones. On teddy bear day you can gift cute and cuddly teddy bears to all the people you love and want to cherish forever. Mostly all the girls from all over the world love teddy bears and consider these as their best friends. Teddy day brings in gentleness and lovability in relationships.

The History of Teddy Bears

Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States, is the person responsible for giving the teddy bear his name. It’s said that the presidential hunting party trailed and lassoed a black bear and tied it to a tree. The president was summoned, but when he arrived on the scene he refused to shoot the tied and exhausted bear, considering it to be unsportsmanlike. The following day, November 16, Clifford Barryman, Washington Post editorial cartoonist, immortalized the incident as part of a front-page cartoon montage. A shopkeeper Morris Michtom was inspired and displayed 2 toy bears in the window of the store. The bears had been made by his wife, Rose, and became hugely popular. Michtom recognized the immediate acceptance of the new toy, requested and received permission from Roosevelt himself to call them "Teddy's Bears."

Why A Teddy Bear Day?

What does the teddy bear remind you? Mostly a Teddy is all about softness and warmth, and softness and warmness make love affectionate, without them love is like a hard cold stone. There are many ways to express it depend on you how you want to but in February on 10th you can express it by giving a cuddly warm teddy to one another. Getting near Valentine day on the 14th, it is one of the days that are celebrated extensively. It is just another way to express love because sometimes a warm and cute teddy can express many unspoken words in a better way.

A teddy is just a way to make this day happy and joyful and celebrate it with your loved ones and friends as it brings smiles to many people’s faces.

Soft Toys/Teddy Bears

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  • Dozen red and Cute Teddy
    The warmth and kindness of your heart...makes you more beautiful year after year with Dozen Red and Cute Teddy. • 12 Red Roses bouquet • Small cute teddy bear (6 inch). • Free Message card.
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  • Sunshine n Bear
    This multicolored posy contains dozen stems of yellow roses, each stalk with fresh blooms. To allow these beautiful flowers to last much longer, they are wrapped fresh, budding, and ready to bloom in special paper packing. There is one cute teddy included for a gift of your eternal care. • Dozen Yellow Roses bouquet with special crape paper packing and a cute teddy bear (6 inch) • Free Message Card
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  • Colorful and Joyful
    Cherish the stunning mixture of mixed color gerberas. It also includes one a cute teddy bear (6 inch). Add a tad of merriment to any space – huge or tiny – with this gerbera patch. • Dozen Mix-color Gerberas bunch • 6 inch teddy bear. • Free Message Card
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  • Handtied Yellow Roses & Bear
    • Hand tied bouquet of bright yellow roses with a cute bear (6 inch) • Your purchase includes a complimentary personalized gift message.
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    Purely the greatest way to say the 3 words: I LOVE YOU. No added words needed to convey your thoughts! A loving colorful bouquet of premium red roses with a cute Huggable Bear. • Bunch of 12 red roses • Approx 1 Feet Teddy Bear
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  • Arena Special - Just Smile
    Romantic daises with a crimson carnations twirl! A caring choice for the pink-lover in your life, this pact of Daisies and pretty carnations features gorgeous twist with a hand woven basket. Basket Arrangement of Daisies and pretty carnations with a cute small teddy bear sitting in basket. • Basket Arrangement of Daisies and pretty carnations • A cute small teddy bear situated inside the basket • Free Message Card.
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  • Choco, Love & Teddy
    Show your love with a gorgeous bouquet of red roses for that special someone! Choco, Love & Teddy is a perfect surprise to send to your loved ones to make every moment memorable and lovable for them. • 12 Stem Red Roses wrapped in special crape paper • 3 Cadbury silk chocolates :60 gm each • Cute Teddy bear (6 inch)
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  • Love Basket with Bear
    Here's to another gift full of experiences, joy, happiness, surprises and good luck with love basket with Bear. • 18 stem Red Roses arranged in a cane basket. • Cute Teddy Bear (6 inch) • Occasional Greeting Card
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  • Huggable Teddy surprise
    This glowing bunch of 15 Red and White Roses is as stylish as it is miraculous. With stylish huggable one feet teddy, it’s a elegant select for any event. Hug-gable Teddy surprise brings lasting splendor to any festivity. • 15 Red and White Roses bouquet. • Aprx 1 Feet teddy bear.
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  • Chocolate Bouquet n Teddy
    Chocolate's magnetism as a desire is famous. Its scarcity and prosperity have protected it a special position in olden times. Even today, chocolate remains a trendy Valentine's Day present. • Ferrero Rocher 16 peaces bouquet arranged in a crape paper packing • Cute Teddy Bear (6 inch). • Free Message Card
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  • Roses with Huggable Teddy
    Red roses makes a lovable and gorgeous bunch. The most flimsy of all roses, the red rose combines elegance and charm few floral displays can go with. This remarkable flowers finely meshes several shades of red. The pure prettiness of these red roses will take their gasp away. A wonderful gift for a dear buddy, or for a love in blossom. • Bunch of 20 Stems of Red Roses wrapped with Cellophane packing. • Approx 1 feet long Teddy Bear
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  • 2 Teddy in Flower Basket.
    Whether it’s lightening up the backyard or bringing added curtail demand to the chunk, the red and white flowers always bring joy in your house. A justly unique present for milestone merriments like new babies, birthdays, anniversaries or remembrances. • 2 cute teddies arranged in flowers basket with 10 red and white flowers and crape paper packing.
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  • Teddy Bouquet
    Send healthy wishes with a gorgeous bunch of small teddies . Burst in and say hello with this happy go lucky gift of small cute teddies wrapped in special packing. The bunch of 5 teddies is a gift that’ll be a jolly token of you for years to come. A great value! • Teddy Bouquet of 5 small teddies (6 inch each) arranged in the form of bouquet with special packing on it.
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  • Roses, Ferrero Rocher Box & a teddy bear
    All they want is love. But a slight chocolate now and then doesn't harm. Anything is fine if it's made of chocolate. Known to arouse your femininity, Ferrero Rocher lift your feelings and make you feel satisfied. Chocolates are combined with dozen roses and a small teddy to make her even more beautiful. • Dozen Red Roses bouquet with a 16 pcs Ferrero Rocher pack and a Small teddy bear (6 inch). • Free Message Card
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  • Smiles and Sunshine
    Pure saga, pure conviction, pure red flowers. Fling 20 flowers to your companion "just because." Send these flowers to your girlfriend to see them happy. Send these flowers to somebody you adore, because, with flowers like these, they're certain to love you back. A basket of exotic flowers and a small cute teddy arranged stunningly. • Mixed Flowers Basket of 20 Exotic flowers and a small teddy bear (6 inch) sitting in basket.
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  • 2 Teddy Flower Basket Combo Deal
    Make the perfect day for someone with this Combo deal.Cute Teddies paired together will reflect your concern of togetherness for the person you are sending it. Capture the magic and beauty of the season with our basket arrangement of rich Red & white Gerbera . Whether you’re adding a bright surprise to their birthday or sending a smile “just because,” this one-of-a-kind arrangement will surely leave them spellbound. Combo Deal Contains • 2 cute teddies arranged in flowers basket • Teddy Bear of 6 inch each • 10 Red and White Gerbera flowers • Special crape paper packing • 1 Pound Chocolate Cake • Greeting Card (Occasional).

    Regular Price: ₹3,360.00

    Special Price ₹3,038.00

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  • Big Bear with LS Roses
    Because your sweetheart deserves to be romanced with all the love in your heart, Send a Big Bear and LS Red Roses. • Cuddly Teddy Bear (Branded) • Teddy Size: 50 cm Aprox • Bouquet of Premium dozen Red Roses.
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  • Healthy New Born Surprise
    "A new baby is like the beginning of all things-wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities. So send a Healthy new Born Surprise for the new beginning of their life and make it more beautiful. • 3 Kg Fresh Fruits Basket (Season fruits) • 15 mixed flowers arranged in the basket + 1 Teddy bear (Aprox 1 Feet) • Free Message Card.
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  • Hearty Love
    Welcome a cherished lone with the reds and whites of love. This garden of fall flowers warms the spirit with its red and white blooms, presented just for your loved one. The combination of dozen red and white roses with a cute huggable teddy bear will create the sensation for sure.Big Bear with Dozen Red and White Roses bouquet wrapped in special packing. • Bunch of Dozen Red and White Roses wrapped in special packing. • 2 feet Teddy Bear (aprx)
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  • Perfect Birthday for Her
    Here's to another year full of experiences, joy, happiness, surprises and good luck. May you have a smashing Birthday. • Cute Teddy Bear (Aprox 2 Feet) • 15 Multi colored Roses Bouquet • Wrapped in cellophane paper • Birthday Greeting Card (By Archies).
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  • Gourmet Fruit Basket & Flowers
    It’s always better to blend it up. This basket is teeming with a big and plentiful mix fresh fruits. Fruits are blended with fresh roses to add charm to the gift. The cute thing about the bunch is, we have placed a small cute teddy within the floral arrangement which makes it super special. • Fresh Fruit Basket (4 KG) • 25 Roses Designer arrangement with a small teddy (6 inch) sitting in basket.
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    Delightfully Deluxe- Send to your loved one to make them more healthier and prettier with this hand designed combination. • 5 Kg Fresh Fruits Basket (Seasonal Fruits) with 15 stem daisy flower decorated with it • Huggable Teddy bear (1 Feet) • Dozen Red n white Roses bouquet • Occasional Greeting Card.

    Regular Price: ₹5,208.00

    Special Price ₹4,830.00

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  • Ferrero Rocher 48 pc & Soft Bear
    • Bouquet of Ferrero Rocher 48 pc • Soft Teddy Bear (12 inch large). • Free Message Card

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    This enthralling gift, certainly, is going to take her breath away .There is no better way to express your pure love for her- Send Sweet Delightful Surprise Hamper. • 60 Red Roses Basket arranged in a cane basket • 500 gm Fresh Chocolate Cake • Serves 2-3 People • Huggable Teddy bear (Aprox 1 Feet) • Dozen Red and White Roses and a Chocolate Hamper.
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  • Love and Celebrations
    What better way to say 'I love you' than with the timeless classic 100 red Roses bouquet combo with Delicious chocolate Cake, Cuddly Teddy Bear and with dozen Red and White Roses hand bouquet. • 100 Stem Premium Red Roses Hand bunch • 2 Pond Delicious Chocolate Cake • Teddy bear (Aprox 1 Feet) with dozen Red and White Roses hand bouquet. • Get FREE Greeting Card (Occasional) worth 150 Rupees.
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  • Tall Premium Arrangement & Big Bear
    An exotic, luxury arrangement of assorted Roses and Carnations,complimented with foliage and palm fronds and with Cute Teddy Bear make it more impressive. • 120 Mixed Flowers (Incl Roses and Carnation) • Premium tall arrangement aprox 4 Feet height • Big Teddy Bear aprox 2 Feet height • Free Message card.
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