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Designer cakes to steal the attention of the celebrations

Have you made arrangements for an upcoming birthday party at home yet?s It is essential that you see each and every element in the party and make it special. The party should be something different and catchy to attract all the guests attending it. It should be special for the family and friends too; a good party that is well planned would be saved in the hearts of many.

A1 Cakes

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  • Delicious Black Forest Cake.
    Cake lovers, cravers and connoisseurs all over the place can't be mistaken! This mini, luscious and extremely well-liked black forest cake includes a flavor temptation for every appetite. • Black Forest Cake.
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  • Dark Chocolate Cake
    Blow friends and folks with a Dark Chocolate Cake! Our pleasant gift is hand- made to make the event extra extraordinary for them.This cake is a selfless way to demonstrate you care.
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  • Chocolate Truffle Cake.
    Even the hardest-to-please brunette addict will be more than happy by this self-indulgent birthday lump formation. Chocolate Truffle Cake provides the filling for two layers of unbelievably damp chocolate cake. As if that wasn’t sufficient of a cocoa stick, the whole cake is enrobed with chocolate truffles and murky chocolate varnish. • Delicious Chocolate Truffle Cake 500 gm • Serves 2-3 People
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  • Smiley Cake :)
    This gorgeous gift is certain to put a smile on their lovely face. These happy go lucky cake is a delicacy that’s sugary and neat to eat, and will make them smirk from ear to ear. An appetizing choice! Send a gift of a grand smile for an instantaneous pick-me-up for any occasion. • Smiley Cake - 500 gm • Serves 2-3 People
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  • Delicious Butterscotch Cake
    Blemish somebody special in your life with a delicious Butterscotch Cake. Crunchy nuts and rich cream give this cake its tempting flavor. Illustrate how much you care and send one to the one you love the most. • Delicious Butterscotch Cake - 500 gm • Serves 2-3 People
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  • Umberly chocolate cake
    A delightful clandestine unfolds with this dense chocolate cake. Delicate flavors of cocoa mix perfectly with sweet vanilla and chocolate chips – all blended together presents you this extra delicious chocolate cake. A beautiful gift for any special occasion. • Chocolate Cake (Eggless) 500 gms • Serves 2-3 People
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  • Fresh Fruit Cake (500 Gm)
    Ideal for a cheerful table-setting, a wedding ceremony favor, a small present or private luxury. Perfect as an affordable add on to a spray. A just right pick-me-up for the lovable gesture. Fresh fruits, nuts and trail mix arrive in this cake they’ll enjoy once these appetizingly healthy treats have been devoured. • Fresh Fruit Cake (500 Gm) • Serves 2-3 People • 100% Real Cheese Cream • Fresh indegridients used
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  • Celebrations by Arena's
    This cake just looks like a good time! Our classic chocolate cake is luscious, decadent and now dressed up for birthdays with colorful sprinkles. It will be the most delicious birthday gift they unwrap... • 500 gm chocolate cake • Serves 2-3 People • Occasional Greeting Card
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  • Black Forest Cake & CARD.
    Send this plentiful Black Forest Cake as a plunge get well gift that's as fun to look at as it is to eat! • 500 gm Black Forest Cake • Serves 2-3 People • Occasional Greeting card
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  • Black Forest Cake (1 KG)
    This appetizing cake is perfect for when you’re looking to express thanks or sweet blow to somebody worthy. Affluent and indulgent, there’s no superior way to sweeten their day than with this tasty black forest cake. • Delicious Black Forest Cake (1 KG) • Serves 4-6 People • 100% Real cheese cream
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  • Delicious Chocolate Cake - 1 kilo gram
    Send this plentiful Chocolate Cake as a plunge get well gift that's as fun to look at as it is to eat! Appetizingly decadent, this cake of delights is just right for any event. This is a gift they’ll love to chew. • Delicious Chocolate Cake - 1 Kg • Serves 4-6 People • 100% Real cheese cream
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  • Delicious Pineapple cake
    This beautiful cake features one kg pineapple cake . Designed for those who wish to make a statement with their endowment, this lump is sure to glee. • Pineapple flavor cake • Fresh ingredients used
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  • Valentino Cake
    What a pleasant and scrumptious gift idea! This heart shape black forest cake is perfect for giving a lovely impression on your beloved, just to show them how much you care and love them. • 1 KG Heart Shape Black Forest Cake • Serves 4-6 People
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  • Chocolate Love cake
    This jolly chocolate cake is a vivacious way to execute all their wishes. Perfect for a anniversary or as a amazing “just because you’re wonderful” gift. Send this cake for an extra dosage of pleasure. • 1 Kg Heart Shape Chocolate cake • Serves 4-6 People
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  • HEARTY Love n cake.
    Appetizingly decadent, this cake of delights is just right for any event. This is a gift they’ll love to chew. • 1 Kg HEART shape back forest cake • Serves 4-6 People • Occasional Greeting card
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  • Fresh Fruit Cake & Card
    Pump up your cheesecake with fruit! A gift that your partner would never forget in her lifetime.Let her feel so special with this gift. • 1 KG Fresh Fruit Cake • Serves 4-6 People • Occasional greeting card
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  • Arena's Joyful Melody
    Send this plentiful Pineapple Cake with Chocolates hamper as a plunge get well gift that's as fun to look at as it is to eat! • 500 gm Pineapple cake • Serves 2-3 People • Occasional Greeting Card • Chocolates Hamper
    63 this product has bought 63 times in last 5 days
  • Pineapple Magic
    A delicious variety for the whole family. Enjoy a sampling of grand pineapple cake .A rich and smooth cake with healthy luscious pineapples and cherries on the top . Enjoy this decadent dessert with friends and folks.. • 2 kg pineapple cake • Serves 6-10 People
    241 this product has bought 241 times in last 5 days
  • Razzle Dazzle Black Forest Cake
    A ring shaped cake full of velvety chocolate and flavors of vanilla and whipped cream mingled with gorgeous chocolate varnish. A authentic black forest cake! What better way to wish somebody a “chocolaty” happy birthday ? • 2 Kg Black Forest Cake • Serves 6-10 People • Fresh ingredients used
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Designer cake flavours

The designer cakes are available in numerous flavours and tastes like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, butterscotch, mint, pasta, mango, orange, grapes and many more. These flavours add to the taste of the pastries and cakes. The cakes are put in various design structures in order to impart numerous shapes and designs to the cakes. Additional designs with outside materials are also added to the cakes like names, structures and other decorations to add lustre.

The purity

The designer pastries and the cakes must be availed from reputed confectioneries which are fully government registered and certified. They make the cakes with the highest quality raw food materials and mixtures without any impurities or adulterations in them. Thus, there is no bad effect on the health of the consumers after having the cakes. The quality and purity are always maintained. These cakes are always supplied freshly baked and prepared to the retail outlets and cake shops. No old supply or stale cakes are kept in the retail outlets of the reputed confectioneries. Thus, brand name is a very important thing.

The packing

The designer cakes and pastries are very delicate with numerous designs and embroideries on them. Thus, utmost care must always be taken while packing the cakes. The packer should be very careful in packaging the cakes in such a matter that the designs do not get damaged while carrying them. The cake shops of the reputed confectionery brand are highly trained and experienced in packing the designer cakes. The cakes never get damaged while carrying from one place to another even over long distances.

Online delivery

The designer cakes can also be delivered online by some famous confectioners. If someone is staying far from his or her dear one, he can still express his love and affection by ordering the cake online on very special occasions. The order can be placed online on the authorized website of the confectioner by entering the details of the name, address and contact number of the recipient. The payment is done online through credit cards. The cakes are delivered to the doorstep of the recipient on time. Thus, the whole delivery process is very fast and convenient. It is the best way to express love to dear ones living far away.