Dussehra paves way for one of the most important festivals of Hindus, Diwali. This joyous festival of lights calls for a lot of festivities and cheer. Everybody loves to decorate their homes and exchange gifts during Diwali as it is sort of ritual too. How about sending your loved ones some handmade gifts this Diwali? Remember how in one of our previous posts we showed you how to decorate candles. Well, no one can deny it that candleslook great with holders, don’t they? Let us show you an extremely easy step-by-step way of decorating holders or jars for candles, again, with dried and pressed flowers (Yes, we won’t let the beauty of your pretty blooms go to waste once they start to wilt). Excited? Here’s how:


You first need to collect a few necessary things required in order to start your DIY project. Zero down on the kind of object that will hold your candle. It could be anything from a small jar to a glass candle holder. Next what you need are obviously some dried and pressed flowers, some water, glue and sponge brush or paint brush. All of these supplies can easily be found in almost any home.


It is now time to make your own glue adhesive. Take 1/3rd water and 2/3rd glue (It is needless to mention that you can modify the amount as per your requirement). Mix it well in an old container (you can use a jar or an old paint bucket). Stir the adhesive you just made with the help of your paint or sponge brush.


Pick up your jar or holder and apply the glue mix that you made all over the outside of it with the help of your brush. Arrange your pressed flowers in whichever way you want on the exteriors of your jar or holder and allow them to dry for at least five minutes. Right after this apply another coating of your glue mix over the flowers gently to seal your pattern. Leave it to dry completely.


This is the most important step of your project. After all, every skill full creation needs to be admired! Yes, yes, just kidding! Leave this part to the onlookers for whether you decorate your beautiful candle holder in your own house or you gift it to someone near and dear, it is sure going to earn you a lot of admiration.

Another simple way of decorating candle holders with dried flowers is to cut and tape. For this you will have to laminate your pressed flowers using a laminating machine that is available in the markets. Just make sure to keep a track of the width and height of the candle holder or jar you wish to decorate. Next you need to cut your laminated flowers into a strip that fits around the side of your jar or holder. Stick this strip to the jar/holder with a double sided tape and it is all ready to hold any pretty candle.