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Carnation: An antique flower from the East dating back more than 2000 years, the carnation flower bouquet is a muscular, perfumed flower that represents arrogance and loveliness. Carnations bouquets are ideal for fresh graduates, someone who has conquered a tricky confront, or anybody celebrating the achievement of a goal. If you want to say, “I’m proud of you,” carnations are the right alternative. They also indicate love and devotion.

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Hand-gathered, hand-tied and carefully selected to help you convey your feelings and sentiments to the recipient, book your flower bouquet of carnation at ArenaFlower. Dazzle your special loved ones with the pious beauty of carnations. Termed as the God’s flowers, legends have it that carnations originated from Virgin Mary’s tears when she saw Jesus carrying the cross. The sheer beauty of carnation gift bouquet with flower baskets and vase help you express love and affection towards your loved ones. Carnations bouquet are also seen as the perfect choice for Mother’s Day gift, for they symbolize pure and true love. Carnations flower bouquet come in straighter and stronger stem and thus, look very good in vases and last longer. You can choose a combination of oriental lilies, white roses, purple and lavender carnations bouquets for an exquisite impression.

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These exotic carnation flowers are available at local prices only at ArenaFlower. Order carnations online as and when you schedule it, you can book flower bouquet online from the comforts of your house and get them delivered at your preferred address. Be it workplace or home, just a few clicks are all you need!

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