12 Feb Kiss Day - Kisses Are In The Air

roses-gerbs-lilyWhat is love?

Love is the name of that machine which refurnish your life, is the glasses which make you see new things differently. We all love the idea of love, don’t we? Love is the tornado which shakes your life upside down. Love is the flower which smelled your life with a jubilant fragrant. Yes love has no address; it can meet you at any turning on the way of life. Those people are breathing in love, or breathed should consider them as lucky jewel.

Love has many little alleys which you meet on the way of the voyage. One of them is physical intimacy, don’t you love when your love snuggles head on your shoulder, or caresses your cheek or give a warm kiss on your forehead. Is not that the heavenly feeling? Love flourishes with physical intimacy.

Valentine’s week is round the corner, just knock-on your door. On the 7th Day of Valentine’s week is acknowledged as Kiss Day. On the day of 13th February, you become supremely capable of distributing kisses. This day is sanctified to share your love through your emotions. On Kiss Day you can exhibit your benevolent love to your dear ones, who are close to your heart.

In our everyday running schedule, we may have missed those little kiss moments. We may have forgotten what a kiss to do, but this prime day will give you the opportunity to relive your moments which you have omitted mistakenly.

The first kiss-

We never forget our first kiss, the fear in mind, the pain in the chest, the love in the eyes. We all have that in common. What if you kiss dayare told you are allowed to recreate the moment again, will you believe it? Yes, there is a saying that, “Always kiss your love like your first kiss.” So this may be the day to try some new ideas. Give your darling your love by presenting a perfect kiss. You can go for a long drive, or romantic dinner. All look subtle with that kiss moment.

How to make your perfect kiss-

When you somebody you want them to relish the moment, is not it? Everyone wants the perfect moment to appear, sometimes it does, and sometimes it does not. When you fear it will never come to you, be confident. Here are some tips that you may use on your kissing day skills.

  1. Keep it light and soft, don’t show your aggressive side when you are kissing, if it is your first one. Keep the pressure soft as much as possible.
  2. Do not ask for the permission to kiss a lady, sometimes women like when their men take the charge and make their decisions, so pick the moment and go for it. On the other hand, requesting for permission will reflect that you are timid and unsure about the moment.
  3. When you are kissing someone, close your eyes. When you have made a healthy eye contact, then go for the moment, when you start to kiss do not keep your eyes wide open that would be the weirdest if someone finds you, kept your eyes open while kissing.
  4. You watch your tongue; don’t let your tongue wonder down to someone’s throat. That person might choke, so better careful about it. And it will reflect as you a desperate. So keep your tongue on watch.
  5. The moment will be completely ruined if you are kissing a person who is drooling, yes, that would be the last thing to do. Don’t slobber all over the person; try to keep your saliva to yourself.

Some bizarre facts about kissing-

Science factor-kiss day celebrations

When it comes down to science of kissing, the truth is we use only one muscle to kiss, this supreme muscle called as orbicularis Oris which allows you to pucker your lips. Do you know what is the lip-locking technique called in science? It is called philematology.

Kissing can reduce your fat-

Have you ever thought about it? This is the pleasure to workout; science says kissing for a long kissing minute can actually reduce 26 calories from your lard. So if you are afraid of going to the gym or working out, now you know what to do. Get your lips on trade mill and start your workout.

Kiss and live long-

Kissing someone is the cause of rising Mononucleosis, the spread of cold sores. The study has released that a guy who kisses everyday lives 5 years more than what he supposed to be. So if you want to enjoy your life a little longer, pucker up now.

So don’t let go of this opportunity, if you are heartbroken soul, thinking what to do, kiss your own reflection that would definitely make you special in some way.

Happy Kiss Day!!!