16 Types of Summer Flowers in India - With Pictures

Summer Flowers in India

India is the land of colors and diversity. It is reflected well through the range of flowers, which is found from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Attock to Cuttack from Ganganagar to Itanagar and from Leh to Lakshadweep. The summer flowers of India deserve a special mention because after a long and dry spell of winters who wouldn’t want the inviting vibes of India. Who wouldn’t want to see those bright, bold and beautiful flowers all over after the cold and dark sky of winter? Featuring this time on Maya Flowers are the types of summer flowers in India. And to be honest, we can’t seem to get over these beautiful blooms and we bet that you can’t either once you have read this. So, whether you are an avid florist just like this or an amateur gardener who want to add a burst of color to his landscape, read on!

MarigoldMarigold flowers Summer

Marigold is a commonplace yet one of the most-loved summer flowers in India. The color of marigold flowers could differ from yellow to golden. In India, people use it mainly for wedding floral décor and religious ceremonies. It is not a flower that you could see it as a part of flower bouquets. However, this doesn’t make it any less of a choice or a secondary option. The flower is used as a medicinal herb, it keeps the pests away and it is even used as a food coloring agent. If you want to keep your plants away from bugs and rodents and can’t seem to find a natural way to do this, plant a marigold near them. It is a natural bug repellent.

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LotusSummer Flowers Lotus

It is a delicate water plant, however, if you have an artificial pond or water stream in your garden, try planting it as it can take the beauty of your garden to another level. The bright white and pink color flowers of lotus prefer shade and are one of the most important elements of Hindu religious ceremonies. It brings prosperity and wealth to the recipient. It is also the national flower of our country. The petals of flowers open in dawn and start closing from the afternoon. By evening, the petals are completely closed.

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Roserose flowers summer

This woody perennial summer flower has songs and paeans written about it. It is a flower of love and passion, reverence, and gratitude and it has a special knack of expressing myriads of emotions that thousands of words can’t explain. The plant can be susceptible to diseases and pests and needs high maintenance. You need to take proper care of it if you want to bask in the pleasant smell of roses in the next season of summer. Available in red, yellow and white, roses can bring a colorful cheer to your garden.

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HibiscusHibiscus flowers summer

The gorgeous and delicate hibiscus flowers are the signature flower of subtropical regions If you look closely, it is difficult to find a tropical painting that doesn’t have a woman with this flower braided in her hair. This flower can sabotage the space a bit and so it is better to plant it where it receives ample sunlight and has plenty of room to grow. The plant has blooming season year after year so, you don’t have to mulch or preserve the seeds. |

SunflowerSunflower flower meaning

There can’t be a better example of summer flowers than this. This is a flower that follows the sun everywhere! And summer sun in India, as we all know, can be quite daunting and unforgiving. This beautiful flower has a bright yellow color and gives your garden canvas a vibrant appeal. It can survive through the extreme phase of heat as well. However, be careful not to overwater and keep the soil well-drained.

Lilieslilies summer flowers

Don’t be deceived by the delicate look of lilies because this flower puts up a tough fight and withstand extreme weather conditions. In winter, the plant withers and leaves wilt yet the bulbs remain alive but dormant. These bulbs give you flowers in the next season. Lilies look delicate but are low on maintenance and should definitely find a space in your garden.

ZinniaZinnia flowers summer

Zinnia comes in a rainbow of colors and the best part is that you don’t need much expertise to plant them in your garden. They originate directly from seeds so you don’t even have to go through an extremely slow process of defrosting them either. These often make for a late season of summer and their pleasant fragrance attracts butterflies.

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Petuniapetunia flowers summer

Like Zinnia, petunia flowers are also available in a range of colors to fill your summer garden with brightness and joy. The flowers are easy to grow and easy on maintenance. You can find petunia flowers in pink, red, yellow, orange and white colors. They make the perfect choice for container gardening.

Pansy FlowersPansy flowers summer

The word pansy in French means the thoughts of the longing of a lover. The flowers are available in a palette of hues and can give your garden an instant makeover. The plant is an annual and is ideal for container gardening.

Tulipstulips flowers summer

The best thing about summer flowers is that they come in myriads of shapes and colors. And when we are talking about tulips we know that it is the Crème De La Crème Getting tulips planted in your garden can only result in one thing, which is infinite beauty and splendid colors. Available in a variety of colors such as pink, purple, yellow, black and cream, the flowers represent have become the new-age roses.

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DahliasDahlias flowers summer India

Dahlia is a beautiful summer flower and its bright flowers can cheer up your summer canvas. The flowers are available in different sizes and color, making them perfect for container gardening and bouquets.

Pineapple LilyPineapple Lily flowers

Pineapple lily is not a flower that you don’t see easily in gardens but this member of asparagus family makes for a gorgeous centerpiece and flower bed. Though just don’t go by its name as it is not related to pineapple at all!

Gloriosa LilyGloriosa Lily flowers

This is easy to grow the plant and its flowers look really wonderful in containers and on fences. It is a climber and so if you have a yard, you can use it there to cover some empty spot. However, please note that gloriosa lily is highly poisonous and shouldn’t be consumed.

PeoniesPeonies flowers summer

The beauty and scent of peonies are incredible. It is believed that the plant can live up to 100 years without much care. The plant is known to withstand extreme winter and frost condition.

DaffodilsDaffodil flowers summer

Daffodils are summer flowers inside out. If you don’t have daffodils on the list of your summer flowers of India, you are missing out on a major chunk. The perennial spring flowers have their petals arranged in a corona that is trumpet-shaped. They are available in white or yellow colors usually. Daffodils are used for traditional healing as well.

BougainvilleaBougainvillea flowers summer

This climber plant is so commonplace on the side trails of roads and in Indian houses. It is a hardy plant and can withstand neglect to an extreme extent. Bougainvillea can be quite a nuisance too as it grows quite fast and can cover your whole boundary and can show very erratic pattern while growing. Hence, you need to trim it on regular intervals. The flowers of this ornamental vine are white, pink and yellow in color and don’t have any fragrance. If you have kids, ask them to be very careful around the vine as the plant has sharp thorns.