5 Best Low Light Indoor Plants for your Apartment

Best Low Light Indoor Plants List

When I moved to a big city from my small town, the one thing I missed a lot was the garden. I didn't realize the value of it until I started living in a matchbox size studio apartment with only things present in the name of green was the algae on the bathroom floor. I was completely oblivious of the bliss and underestimating the privilege and gratitude of having the cup of tea doing nothing but staring at the flowers. With this epiphany, "You can take a person out of the garden. You can't take the garden out of the person," I started looking for some low light plants that could thrive indoor and with as little care as possible. And now when I have succeeded in planting indoor plants in low light and nurturing them in my small apartment and managed to bring a dash of real green to my present home, I am spreading the pearls of wisdom for you too! Scroll down to know these plants and make your apartment a lot better, beautiful and brighter!

Lucky Bamboo Plant Growing in Low Light in Indoor

You must have seen this plant at offices and several houses. Besides being a Feng Shui plant that is believed to bring good luck and prosperity to the house, this plant is low maintenance and thrives indoor quite brilliantly. Many believe this low light indoor plant to be one among the air purifying plants because of its association with the Dracaena genus, which unfortunately it is not. Apart from sprucing up your home decor and letting some green into your home, this plant has nothing to do with air purification.

Flamingo Lily Plant in Indoor at Low Light

Anthurium or Flamingo Lily is a flowering plant. It is a must-have for your home if you are looking for a pop of color for your apartment. The flowers are bright red, have waxy petals and can bloom all year round, that too indoors! They don't need much sunlight and grow better in shade. Since they appreciate humid ambiance to grow well, a bathroom shelf or kitchen windowsill is the perfect place for them to grow. And the best part is that they are on the list of NASA air purifying plants. Anthurium cleanses indoor air and eliminates air-borne allergens. However, this plant, like the peace lily, is toxic for pets and humans.

Peace Lily - A Perfect Indoor Plant for Low Light Area

Belonging to the same Anthurium genus of Flamingo Lily, Spathiphyllum or Peace Lily shares the same flowering traits. They don't require much sunlight but humidity. In fact, if the humidity falls to 50 per cent, the plant starts to wilt and eventually dies. However, one of the main reasons to have this flowering plant indoor is its air purifying qualities. According to a study by NASA, it is proved to most effective in clearing the air off volatile organic compounds such as benzene and formaldehyde. The flowers and leaves, unfortunately, are toxic for both humans and animals. A nice plant for low light areas at the corner areas of the house.

Hardy Garden Mum - Easy Growing Indoor Plant

Often referred to as Chrysanthemum morifolium, florist’s Chrysanthemum or florist's daisy, this perennial indoor plant needs bright and direct sunlight as well as proper drainage system in place. You need to be a bit patient at first but once you have cracked its care mechanism, there is no plant like this one. The beautiful pink flowers bring a pop of colour to your living space. Besides, it is also one of the NASA-approved purifier plants that purify air off VOCs like ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde and toluene. Yet again, a word of advice. If you have pets, steer clear of this plant, as it can be poisonous for them.

Barberton Daisy

Yet another one of the NASA plant entrants that made it into my house! This beautiful flowering indoor plant started being an outdoor plant, however, it is now being adapted as a container plant mostly due to its air-purifying properties. Its care regime is quite similar to its natural outdoor tendencies. It prefers bright and direct sunlight, medium humid soil and proper drainage. It can adapt to a varying range of temperatures, so, you don’t have to worry about the room temperature or get a humidifier in place.

Don’t let an apartment or a city curb your green thumb, your love for the flowers or rob you of your right to clean air!  Let the flowers bloom and shine wherever you go! Let me know in the comments about your favorite low light indoor houseplants and flowers!