Living habitation of earth has been a consistent source of human interest and intrigue for a long, long time. We constantly struggle to study all the unique components of the planet. As we successfully manage to unfold one mystery, we are immediately encountered with another. One such appealing thing this planet has to offer is plants. While some flowers are vibrant and extremely pleasing to the eye, others are not so attractive and their fragrant isn’t pleasant either. Listed below are five of those unusual BlackBatFlowerflowers of the earth which made it to the top 5.

-         The black bat flower

This plant is originally found in South Asia. As the name suggests, this one of a kind flower has petals that resemble bat wings. Dark colored (violent to black in tone) whiskers emerge outside and can grow as long as about 28 inches in length. You don’t usually find them in flower markets. But they can be located in the markets and used in decorating gardens at Christmas. It blossoms more in shade, rather than in sunlight.


-         Snake’s head fritillarySnake’s head fritillary

This flower has petals that are arranged to form a bell-shape. Its petals resemble snakeskin, which earned it this name. You hardly find them in their natural habitat and they grow well and are protected in the wild. These could be an attractive addition to your home garden. These blossom in spring and thrive throughout summers.


-         Hydnora AfricanaHydnora africana

It could easily be called a sponging plant. This parasitic plant is found in the desserts of dry Africa. It uses a distasteful smell to attract and divert attention of beetles towards itself.  Beetles easily find their way inside the plant but have a tough time coming out of it. Their lengthened stay in the flower ensures that they have enough time to pick up the pollen grain and promote insect pollination.


-         The titan arumTitan_Arum_Nov20_2005

Otherwise known as amorphophallus titanium, this plant weighs about 100 pounds and can grow up to 8 feet tall. It is collectively made of several tiny flowers and has earned the title of World’s largest flower as of now. It takes about 6 years for this plant to fully blossom. It has such a strong, unpleasant stench that humans have known to faint at the spot with its smell. It is advised to wear protective nose masks near it.


-         Corpse lilyraffelsia 1

It is named after its unpleasant aroma, which resembles that of dead corpse. They release this stench to attract beetles and insect, which carry its pollen grain to other lilies. Insect pollination is triggered in this way. This has the largest flower on earth with a diameter of approximately 3 feet. They are found in rainforests. However, due to excessive deforestation, they are now listed under the endangered plants.