5 Ways to Brighten Up Your Office Using Winter Flowers

winter flowersA sound mind resides in a sound body. The mind functions the best when surroundings are pleasant and comfortable. Hence you find that workplaces are often decorated according to the way that it adds positive vibes. The environment plays the vital role in human’s development. Thus, most of the office pay huge attention to office decors and it’s found in the survey that best business have one of the most pleasant atmosphere.

Thus more often than not, plants are the de-facto things that come to mind while designing a sustainable surrounding. They provide fresh air, calm our nerves, and always emit out positive vibrations. This is scientifically proved that by having plants and flowers alongside your working colleagues lift your mood which in turn boosts your efficiency at work. They provide a kind of optimistic aura in them that sucks all the negativity and stress generated.

Colorful flowers are most commonly found in big enterprises’ offices. Either in vases like bonsai or small shrubs along the walls, they not only add to aesthetics but also encourage productivity of the place. There are different kinds of flowers for every season. Here we discuss some of the flowers that will brighten up your office during winter season i.e. the winter flowers:-


  1. Peace Lilies

They are the most beautiful flowers-in-white.  White itself is a symbol of peace, and having lilies at your work place makes it more peaceful, adding a sense of tranquility to the range of radius of sight. Many professionals have testifies thatpeacelily-wide after a bad day at office due to some reasons, their mood gets refreshed when they sit in company of these lilies. In winter times, there is already cold out there, in some places snow also falls, that the entire town gets painted white, and the same reflects in office. When things gets heated in office, workers feel to get the hell out of that place and drench their heads in snow to cool, the white peace lilies psychologically do the same thing.  Arrange peace lilies to your cabin or cubicle, and see the calmness that it will provide. They will help, white bright flowers, who doesn’t like being with white flowers?

“Chillies are hot, but lilies are cool.”

Moreover, there is a cultural baggage about white lilies. In Chinese Feng-Shui, white lilies are believed to bring good luck and harmony to the place they are kept at. Thinking rationally, lilies are used for bringing fresh air to the congested place, it even buds in the places where there is inadequate sunlight. Thus, in winter season, when sunlight is not that strong, it makes up for a great winter flower for workplaces and homes as well.

  1. Guzmanias

GuzmaniaFPEver heard what are these? These types of flowers are generally green and yellow. They belong from family of pineapples; these Guzmanias are have lush green flowers and are available in dark red, orange and yellow colors.  The plum orange flower in between the green color shrubs is so appealing to the eye and it’s an all-weather flower including winter season. When it comes to office décor, they are usually the starting point of conversations. And mostly you’ll find “how beautiful!” type of words for guzmanias. Its tropical looks make your office look like a dream exotic location of winter.




  1. Reiger Begonias

Reiger Begonias is a perfect winter flower. Reiger Begonias grows very easily during foggy climate. They have variety of colours that ranges from red, yellow, orange- and these are basically the best bet for office decorations during winter rebegpixseason. They are mostly kept alongside statues of your deities and they are so ideal for your office. Although large amounts of them bloom in winter, they are available throughout the year when exposed to short daylight hours. After the winter season gets over, these plants are usually disposed of. But they can be grown in other seasons as well till heir flowers blossom in the next winter. Hence, Reiger Begonias are purely winter flowers that can be classified as genuine flowers that grow only during cold time of the year. Plus they are worthy office decorations as well. So next time in winter, be ready with reiger begonias as your go-to flowers for decorating your workspace.

  1. Carnations

Carnations, believed as Flowers of God, and flowers reliable-for-gifting have a very short shelf life. But these plants flower naturally flower during winter season. Carnations are economical and readily available, making them many people’s favorite. No doubt rose tops the list as the world’s favorite flower, carnations aren’t that behind. They are light weight, and can be ordered in bulk as well. But nonetheless, carnations do make up as office décor thing. We know carnations are not seasonal dependent, as they are available all year round, but they are basically winter flowers, blossoming at best in winter. So, if it’s winter, it’s carnation time for your office!

  1. Orchid

The orchid family, Orchidaceae, is the most numerous in the plant kingdom.  There are about more than tens of thousands known species of orchids in the world. Orchids are beautiful Gurgaon flowers and in India, they are found in Kerala. Given their beauty and exotic appeal, it’s no wonder they are one of the costliest flowers around. Being a winter flower, with mesmerizing aroma and aesthetic looks, it can brighten your office like never before.