A Comprehensive Guide to the Flower Essence Therapy


As every living thing present on this planet is comprised of energy, where flowers are also included. This energy is extracted from flowers by immersing full bloom in spring water and then putting them under the direct sunlight. With this process, the energy gets transferred to the water and preservatives are added to the same, making up the flower essence.

The First Flower Essence

Dr Edward Bach is credited with the creation of the first essence in 1930 that is popular today by the name Rescue Remedy. Although this remedy is the best essence product available in the market, many more products have been developed where each one is associated with its unique restorative and healing properties.

flower-essence_niceMost of the essences that have been developed till 1960 were intended to serve as a cure for ailments and conditions that are common today like stress, making a pleasant life, moving on and changing old behavior patterns. However, the maximum aim of these products is to assist people reveal their highest potential, termed as ‘individuation’ in the words of the Jung.

The Flower Essence Therapy

The practice of utilizing these essences for the treatment of emotional, spiritual or mental problems, referred to as physical ailments or illness is called as Flower Essence Therapy. Since every person experiences different symptoms and reacts differently to health issues, a therapist needs to unearth the issues and create remedies with a perfect composition of individual or blended essences.


Flower essences are not meant to work on conventional conditions defined in the medical sense, but they work holistically. According to this, the therapist needs to move beyond the presenting symptoms like depression, backache and others, but to discover mental, spiritual or emotional imbalance. Flower essences are meant to restore any imbalance in this regard that can change obsolete behavior patterns, repair trauma, creates a balance of moods and energy at all levels and connect the natural world energies & inner resources to the intuitive wisdom.

Use of the Therapy

This therapy is successful in treating all types of diseases, ailments, illness and conditions, ranging from temporary issues like a jet lag to long-term ones like the chronic pain. Being a holistic treatment, these remedies are known to directly alleviate spiritual, emotional and mental conditions. Since numerous ailments have been known to contain a powerful emotional content, thus the same can be soothingly resolved by following this therapy. This therapy is also considered as a great option for those willing to quit taking or not start with prescription drugs. However, with the discovery of the cause of the problem, the essence therapy can serve as a palliative as well as preventative treatment for all types of diseases.

Thus, the essence therapy is known as a perfect treatment for several ailments as it focuses not on the physical symptoms, but on the cause of emotional, spiritual and other causes of such symptoms. However, you must consult a medical professional to get the root cause of your symptoms discovered and hence, get the best remedy prepared for the same from the available essences.

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