A Trip to Remember: Valley of Flowers Trek, Uttarakhand

Valley of Flowers - Uttarakhandvalley of flowers - Uttarakhand

In 1931, three young British mountaineers accidentally discovered the scenic beauty of the landscape, which is now known as the Valley of Flowers. These three mountaineers were Frank S. Smythe, Eric Shipton and R.L. Holdsworth, were haunted by the beauty of alpine flowers in the valley. Smythe even wrote a book called the Valley of Flowers.

On the other hand, the locals were always aware of the valley and considered it to be a holy place of fairies and Gods.

At present, the valley is home to the most beautiful Himalayan flower known as the blue Primula. In the blooming season, you can find them in the number of thousands. The valley is home to over 500 exotic flowers.

Where is Valley of Flowers situated?

The valley is situated in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand state. The base camp for the trekkers is Govind Ghat.

valley of flowers location

valley of flowers locations

How to reach the Valley of Flowers

To reach to the valley, one has to start trekking from Govind Ghat bound to Hemkund Sahib and up to Ghangaria. The valley is about 5 kilometres from Ghangaria. There are many people who ask about how to reach this beautiful place on earth, here we have the right information about the valley of flowers trek in Uttarakhand.

Quick Facts and Stats

The entire trek of 47 km takes 6 days to complete and you will be at an altitude of 14,100 feet. The trek is of relatively easy grade and you don’t need to worry if you are doing it for the first time. First timers too can complete the trek easily.valley of flowers trek photos

The trek begins and ends at Joshimath.

The nearest airport is Dehradun’s Jolly Grant Airport and the nearest railway station to the valley is Haridwar.

The temperature can vary from 12 to 20 degree Celsius during daytime and 4 to 10 degrees in the night. The last ATM on the route is located at Joshimath.

The food can be difficult to find in the upper regions so, you might have to rely on the packaged food and water.

valley of flowers is heaven

The best time to visit Valley of Flowers

If you want to see the flowers blooming and manifesting in their full glory, visit Uttarakhand in the mid of July to the mid of August.

Things to Note

Once you are trekking, you don’t have to worry about cellular network coverage.

Trekking gear can be purchased or rented on your way.

You should be capable to carry at least a 10 kg backpack at least during the trekking. You should be able to cover 5 km of distance in about 40 minutes without stopping.

Patients with heart conditions, hypertension, asthma and epilepsy aren’t allowed to trek at such altitudes. It is advised to disclose such conditions to your trekking group for your own safety.

Be a responsible traveller and carry an extra garbage bag. Dump the plastic waste on your way back at the base camp in the dustbins only.

The entry fee for Indians is Rs. 150 and for foreigners is Rs. 500.valley of flowers trek Uttarakhand

What makes Valley of Flowers exceptional?

The green meadows, a valley bed of flowers whose beauty is beyond words. The contrast of flowers that gives your eyes an ocular pleasure and a colour block phenomenon that can’t be merely explained, and a backdrop of snow-capped mountains. If this isn’t exceptional and breath taking, what is?

The trek to Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand is known as the most beautiful one. The entire route features magnificent exotic flowers and greens throughout.


Besides the gorgeous primula, you can witness sediams, lilies, daisies, calendulas and saxifrages at their best in the valley and alongside the route.


Get ready to see the brown bears, snow leopard and blue sheep when trekking to the Valley of Flowers.