Andhra Pradesh Rangoli Pattern - Muggu

Muggu Rangoli in Andhra Pradesh

Making rangoli on the various occasions is the best part of any celebration. Different states have the different pattern of rangoli and in Andhra Pradesh rangoli is known as Muggu. On different occasions, people love to make rangoli at the main door. Before making rangoli design ladies clean the floor and then draw the different patterns. They make rangoli in different festivals that include Diwali, Onam Rangoli, and Sankranthi. Anyone can draw rangoli and they draw rangoli with white and colored geometric pattern. Most of the people use white rice flour to draw the design and then they use color or flowers to decorate it.  If we talk about the typical rangoli of Andhra Pradesh then they draw eight-petal lotus design by the variety of patterns. This lotus design is also known as 'ashtadal kamal'.muggu rangoli designs

Muggu Rangoli Designs

People love to make rangoli at the entrance of the home to welcome Goddess Lakshmi. People believe that Goddess Lakshmi comes to the clean and well-decorated home on the Diwali festival. andhra pradesh rangoli designs