ASTER Flower Meaning / Facts - September Birth Flowers team was roaming around Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad and found some flowers were in full blooms and growing rapidly. They were aster flower. An amazing flower with small blooms and looks amazing when combine few of them together.

If you were born in September then Aster is your birth month flower. This vibrant flower is often considered as a talisman of love besides also being known as an enduring symbol of elegance. These flowers derive their name from the Greek word ‘Aster’ which means ‘star’ as the shape of these flower heads bear an uncanny resemblance to stars. It is also interesting to learn that this flower might look like a daisy but it is actually a relative of the sunflower.


Aster symbolizes qualities of wisdom, faith and valour. In ancient times, Asters were said to symbolize the yearning for an end to battle when these were placed on the graves of dead French soldiers.However, today Asters are known as a symbol of love, elegance and patience. Besides this, these star-like blooms also represent a combination of good fortune and gained wisdom.

callistephus-chinensissinglemixCOLOURS ASTER IS FOUND IN

These dainty flowers come in a rainbow of colours like purple, white, pink, red, lavender, lilac and mauve. No matter what the colour of an Aster flower is, they will all be yellow in the centre and with their lush texture these flowers look exhilaratingly beautiful.


A lot of interesting stories are attached to these flowers. According to anold legend, it is said that goddess Asterea cried when she discovered that there were no stars left in the sky. So wherever her tears fell, the asters bloomed. Also, in earlier times it was thought that the perfume from the burning leaves of these flowers could drive away evil serpents thus making them a mystical flower with magical powers. Another myth suggests that magical fairies used to sleep under the petals of Aster flower at sunset. Aster was also referred to as the ‘Herb of Venus’ and it is said that this flower, which is ruled by Venus, was a common ingredient used in love potions.


Asters are not just the September birth month flowers but they also hold the honour of being the official flower for20-year anniversaries as they are considered to be a talisman of love.So gift these mystical flowers and just like little starbursts, bring a celebratory spirit to September birthdays and 20th wedding anniversaries of your loved ones.