Astrology and the flowers – How are they correlated?

flowers meaningAstrology is the branch of study that deals with future predictions, luck, fate and other such stuff. In different cultures there are different subjects that are linked with astrology. Many cultures do it with stars, some work with the planets and some with stones. The Greek holds a record of working astrology to its best with their Greek Gods. In civilization like India, it’s the stars and planets that play the key role. It’s very interesting to know that the flowers are also associated with astrology. Yes the flower that you should be gifting to someone could be found out through the zodiac sign of the person.

Flowers and astrology

What’s flower astrology?

In very simple words it’s just the way to know what flower should be gifted in Delhi to someone on the basis of his/her zodiac sign.It’s the birth date that decides the flower he/she should be gifted. Here are mentioned some of the linkups of astrology with flowers.

Learning the flower astrology

flowers meaningThe dynamic and strong people with Aries as their zodiac sign should be given tulip. The tulip is their flower, for the leadership quality in them. Taking the road less traveled, the adventures Aries people have tulip as their luck flower. The classy and warm hearted people of the Taurus zodiac sign, go lucky with lily. The mild fragrance and aesthetic white color of lily brings the aroma of love in their life.

Rose is the flower for Gemini. The twin birth sign which shows the lightheartedness of the people are social creatures. They are playful and nothing could be better than magnificent roses for them. The sophisticated character and passion could be easily read with roses. Cancer is taken by delphinium. The cancer people are the mixture of sociability, love and composition. By gifting them delphinium you can show them how much you appreciate their compassion. The bright sunflower is for the Leo zodiac signs. The spontaneous and creative people of the Leo zodiac sign have sunflower as their lucky flower. Sunflower beautifully portrays the life in Leo.

The Virgohas fresh morning glory as their flowers. The morning glory is such a beautiful flower which keeps the mind and soul fresh for Red_Rose_Handbagthe whole day. The color and texture of the flower is such that they indicate the man to be focused in life. It’s a very meaningful flower.

The hydrangea is the Libra flower. Libra people are the most charming, sweetheart and romantic people. Their gentle nature matches the stars of hydrangea. The passionate and powerful people of the Scorpio zodiac sign have got the luxury red ponies as their flowers. The bright colors bring it closer to the strong personality of Scorpio people. The flower is also said to bring great fortune to them.

The serious people of the Capricorn zodiac sign have violet as lucky flower. They deliver both the beauty and indulgence, the sensual flowers are perfect for Capricorn people. They are lucky for the Capricorn as there are a lot of common traits between them.

Orchid is for Aquarius. The surprising and romancing people of Aquarius could be expressed beauty, love and strength through the orchids. The orchid delivers the sense of responsibility and love to the Aquarius.

With this all the broader aspects of flower astrology have been touched. By now you must have surely gained some practical knowledge that is related to flower astrology. Now you can send the wonderful flowers to your loved ones, understanding the full astrology behind it. You can impress them as well as bring them good luck and fortune. These seasons spread luck and love with the beautiful aromatic flowers.