Autumn Season Flowers - Indian Blooms

We have a list of wonderful colorful flowers in the autumn season. Below, you can find some beautiful list of flowers to grow in autumn season.

Autumn Season Flowers in India

Autumn is the season before winters and after summers. The season brings you the best of flowers and colours to lay your eyes on! No wonder, Albert Camus has referred to Autumn as a season where every leaf is a flower! Arena Flowers brings you the lowdown on top autumn flowers in India. Read on!

List of Flowers in Autumn Season

Dahliasdahlia flower - autumn season flowers

Spectacular, that’s the only word that comes to mind when dahlias are mentioned! Grown as a perennial herbaceous plant, dahlias are closely related to daisy, sunflower, chrysanthemums and zinnia. The flowers are a native to Mexico and now have spread across the world. Reportedly, the flowers now have over 40 varieties. The plant is an annual blooming plant and the flowers don’t have any fragrance. It is the composite head or the shape of the flowers that attract its pollinators, bee and beetles. The flowers are available in a range of colours, but not in blue. The flowers look wonderful in a cut flower arrangement.

Camelliacamellia flower - autumn flowers in India

Everything about camellia flowers is amazing. Be it the brilliant red-pink flowers or shiny foliage, camellia flowers are meant for the brightness you needed in the season. The flowers are large and quite varied. The flowers grow in different forms but the major types of the flowers are single, formal double, anemone, informal double and semi-double. It is said that camellia flowers are difficult to grow and hard to maintain, however, their growth mainly depends on their planning. If you have been careful and patient enough to plant this shrub correctly, the maintenance efforts for taking care of the plant would be significantly reduced.

Hibiscushibiscus flowers autumn season flowers in India

Also known as the Chinese Rose, its origin is still unknown. However, many believe that it was first originated in India. They prefer bright sunlight to grow. The flowers are bright red in colour and known for their medicinal benefits. The plant is an evergreen shrub and bushy in nature. The orange-tipped red anthers of Hibiscus flower add to the beauty of the flower. Hibiscus tea is very popular and is a known anti-depressant. Its tea also helps in hypertension and menstrual problems. Latest scientific reports also show that hibiscus can also lower high cholesterol levels.

ChrysanthemumChrysanthemum flowers in autumn season in India

These flowers are available in a rainbow of colors. Also, called the ‘pom-pom’ flowers, these are the tropical flowers that also happen to belong to one of the largest flowering families, Asteraceae. The flowers look beautiful in containers and window pots too. The flowers also have known medicinal benefit. Chrysanthemum tea is believed to be an anti-depressant and has sleep-inducing properties.