Beat the Monday Blues with Flowers

Monday blues are frightening. At least for me! I don’t feel like coming to office or working and am always at my cranky best. I yearn for Friday and want to live my life in two days. The weekends are always blink-and-mess and then, out of nowhere, Monday happens. It is a vicious circle which I am trapped in and there seems to be nowhere out.  Sometimes, it is not just Monday, the tiredness and mood swings stretch to another new level and you wait for the time when you can be your happier self.

The bad thing is that it is far from over…

In fact, the third Monday of January has been declared as Blue Monday because the scientists have concluded that it becomes difficult for people to stay upbeat in the routine days after the festive fervor of New Year and Christmas ends. Broken resolutions and bad weather contribute to the foul mood.

The Good News is…

Someone introduced me to the flowers! While I adopted and started to induce positive and healthy changes to my life, flowers made the transition much easier!People close to me, know that how kind I am, so, here I am doing the greater good and hoping that what worked for me,will help you sail through this phase too!

Accept it.

You are not getting any younger. With each passing day, you struggle to open your eyes as you party the night out! You wake up late and the first thing you do is to reach out for a coffee. The caffeine may pump up the adrenaline in your sleep-deprived body for a while but in long run, it has adverse impact on your body. You sleep walk through the day or worst, want the day to be over as you cannot seem to focus on work at all!

Move on.

I am not asking you to live an austere life but to take things slowly.  Party as much as you want to but limit the intake of alcohol or just manage to reach home early to at least have a good night’s sleep of 8-10 hours.  Take some time out when you can just be yourself and do what you want. Call it ‘me’ time and let nobody interfere with and intrude. In this age where too-much technology has invaded the personal space, having this exclusive timeto yourself is very important to maintain sanity.

Pick Flowers on your Way to Work or Home!

Flowers are known to be mood stimulators. The agents of good vibes and positive spirits, their fragrance can even soothe and calm down the worst of moods within just a few whiffs. If the Monday Blues are hampering with your productivity, it is time to book flowers online so that even before you reach your office, the flowers are there to adorn your work station and cheer you up.  If you are unable to cope up with the mundaneness of your home or after having a breezy weekend, you find it difficult to slog in kitchen, it is time to introduce flowers to your home décor.

All in all, if your Monday Blues aren’t blue anymore but has turned to be the darker shades of blue, it is time to visit ArenaFlowers to make them cheerful, all over again!