Bihar Rangoli Pattern - Aripana

Aripana Rangoli in Bihar

People of Bihar love to celebrate every occasion and Diwali are the big festival that people celebrate there. On this occasion, people draw rangoli on their floor. The famous rangoli art that people draw on the floors on different occasions in Bihar is known as Aripana. This is not only part of Diwali but there are many festivals in Bihar where you will be able to see different patterns of rangoli.  This rangoli don’t need any painting brush but people used to make rangoli pattern with their hands. They use three fingers to make any design. On the occasion of Diwali people decorate their homes with different things and also make rangoli.  To make Aripana patterns on the floor people use powdered rice paste using water, vermilion (sindoor),  and also different colors that include white, red, green, yellow and black colors.Diwali Rangoli Designs from Bihar

Aripana Rangoli Designs

Rangoli has many patterns and it depends upon your skill that what type of rangoli you are going to make on the Diwali. Some people make simple rangoli designs and some love to make complex and big designs.Flower Rangoli Design in Bihar