Brighten Up Your Life with Easy Indoor Flowers in India

Those who live in apartments or work out of an office may often feel like adding a touch of greenery and color to the space around them. While low-light indoor plants can help fulfill the greenery criteria, one often wonders what to do about the colors.

A low-light indoor plant that produces flowers is probably the easiest way to move forward in this regard. Though they can be hard to come by, their existence is certainly not impossible, as highlighted by some of the more popular names in the market.

Phalaenopsis Orchidphalaenopsis_orchid

A classic variety of the orchid plant, this one comes with long sprays of large, white flowers that are renowned for offering an elegant, sophisticated look on side and coffee tables, or for that matter, anywhere you like. This plant has many species, with all of them favoring humid conditions and bright, indirect sunlight, which is typical for many indoor areas.


Those who enjoy the bright, splashy look of geraniums in the garden should also consider having a set indoors. Ivy geraniums are among the varieties of this flower that can be grown easily, and they bloom in a number of different vibrant colors. The plants grow in bright, indirect light, but do better with the bright light shining directly upon them. Over watering is something that needs to be avoided since these flowers thrive most once the soil has dried out between phases of watering.


The white and pink flowers of the jasmine plant typically produce a wafting fragrance that often borders on being downright intoxicated. These Vining plants can be sufficiently trained so that they grow around pretty topiaries indoors. Jasmine flowers tend to have a preference towards high humidity and bright, filtered light, which makes the bathroom an ideal choice for growing this flower.

African VioletsAfrican Violets

A flowering houseplant, this one can be maintained with the minimum amount of fuss and you will get pretty flowers blooming from them throughout the year. African violets tend to come in a vast selection of colors and varieties – be it white or pink, you have options to choose from. Indirect or filtered light is useful for bringing them up to maximum bloom, while over watering is not advisable.


If you are looking to give your house a pretty pop of green all around, here is a quick-growing and hardy plant for you to work with. It comes with visually interesting leaves that can be designed either in the form of stripes or have a layout of spots on them. The sap of this flower tends to have a toxic effect, so be careful if you have to handle it. The flower grows best in moderate to low light, while you should subject it to moderate to heavy watering to ensure optimum growth.

HibiscusHibiscus plant

Hibiscus flower typically brings a tropical feel to your outdoor gardens. However, did anyone ever tell you that they can be grown indoors as well without any kind of major hassle? Though the huge flowers are not of a long-lasting variety, they are lovely to look at and can be found in shades of pink, yellow, red, and orange, among others. The soil should be kept moist, but not made wet to ensure the proper bloom.

AnthuriumAnthurium flower

When this plant starts to flower, you get pretty yellow or red blooms that are vibrant enough to conjure up memories of lush, tropical gardens. You can keep one of them in your home as long as you are able to provide it with bright light and low-to-moderate soil watering.

This is only a very small list of the various plants and flowers that you can have in your indoor garden. Choose your own and get growing!

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