Color of the Season: The Hot, Fiery and Sexy Red!

Color of the Season: The Hot, Fiery and Sexy Red!

Winters are approaching. The times when sunlight becomes a luxury and the layers, habit.  Every heart seeks warmth and folks, what could be more heartwarming and provoking than the red flowers! Red is the color of love and most importantly, your heart. So, it is just natural that they light up the scene and make you go weak in the knees.

So, here we are, bringing you a sneak peek into their world. Just have them introduced to your life and see their magic! While red roses need no introduction, there are plenty of fiery and passionate red flowers for you!

Red Roses: Sensual and lovely, red roses have been the Universal language of lovers all over the world. So vivacious and rich in color, they speak volumes about romance and love. Be it to convey the feelings or to décor the traditional weddings, they are just as vibrant in every setting.  Pair them up with white and pink roses to transcend your love from mere sexuality to pure and emotional commitment.

Red Carnations: Like roses, the red carnations are also meant to express your deeper and heartfelt emotions towards that special someone. In fact, the name, carnations, can be translated to ‘flower of love.’  The large-sized flowers have extended blooming phase and strong smell. Not your regular flower, send carnations online to someone you love to show how distinct he or she is and nobody can ever be in the same spot. Show your admiration and love with lovely carnations and win hearts over!

Red Lilies: Glossy and vibrant, cherry lilies are delightful and have velvet-y petals. Centered with crown bud, the flower has lovely light fragrance and makes you go aww… While the mixed arrangement of lilies is a sheer eye-catcher, these make for a lovely cut to help you express your emotions.

Red Daisies: The mesmerizing two lips florets are so much in vogue these days. These aren’t just attractive to bees or birds but to humans as well. These dainty perennial flowers are low-maintenance and make for wonderful cut. While gerberas come in a variety of colors, the red daisies are the talk of the town for their spin and fresh take on the classic rose ideology!

Red Orchids: While purple orchids are the bestseller, red orchid flowers are the cult. Rare and exotic in true sense, it is termed as ‘true Asian love dream.’ These vibrant and brilliant red orchids are the pride possession of the person who receives them.  Mix them up with carnations and witness their lively vibes doing wonders on you.

These red hot beauties look splendid and do justice to every occasion. Send flowers to your loved ones and convey your heartfelt emotions. Introduce these to your home and let the warmth of nature flow through even on the coldest days!  From love to admiration and from respect to care, these red flowers speak echo about your deep feelings in their own language.