Decorate Your Wedding Ceremony with Flowers to make it a Memorable One

wedding2‘Life comes just once, so live it like you have never lived before!’ True. Life as a human is precious and comes after 80 rebirths as different organisms. So, it is our duty to make the most of it and celebrate every moment of this lifetime gifted to us by God. There are several occasions that are celebrated with joy and pomp; one of them is a wedding. Wedding is a vital part of one’s life; it’s the beginning of a new phase, a beginning that marks the entry of love in life and the beginning of new adventures and experiences. Such an important phase of life that introduces happiness, responsibilities and affection should be marked by a splendid celebration. The celebration includes dance, ceremonies, food palate, family and friends. Flowers are an intricate part of a wedding, be it in the form of garlands, bouquets or decoration they are omnipresent.

Starting from the Victorian era weddings have been held in churches. These places have been traditionally decorated with white flowers to mark the beginning of happiness and to generate the feelings of exuberance, sanctity and peace. White symbolises purity, peace and beginning of a new relation. The small and exquisite decorations mark the holiness and purity of a ceremony like marriage. The tuberoses, morning glories, lilies, carnations and gerberas that adorn the church paint the memories of the bride and groom who are about to begin an important phase of their life. Flowers not only adorn the church and altar but they are also placed on the tables where food is served to the guests. Flowers bring out a merry and joyful environment that wards off all the worries before someone enters the wedding venue. This is trivial because everybody participating in the celebration should be a complete part of it and should enjoy the celebrations at their fullest.

florist-designerIn the recent times there have been theme weddings where in the traditional white has been replaced by colours of the rainbow. Some chose their wedding to be subtle while some like it to be vibrant and loud. Depending on the preferences the colour combination is chosen and then the raw materials for decoration. The raw materials include balloons, portraits, ribbons and what not. But all these things completely fade when it comes to the charm of flowers. Be it any theme or any colour combination flowers are always the most sought after option for decoration. People who prefer subtle decorations might go for pretty pink, lustrous lavender, golden yellow and soft peach. People who want their ceremony to look vibrant and loud go for ruby red, screaming magenta and velvety violet.

Subtle décor:

When it comes to pink, the first flowers that come to the mind are carnations. Carnations have a historical significance of white-wedding-bouquet1resembling human flesh. They are used in celebrations that mark pure love and affection. Pink roses not only adorn the wedding venue but also spread a sweet fragrance that incites a positive vibe inside the wedding venue. Roses the eternal symbol of love are used in most of the weddings to adorn the venue and of course in the bouquet that the bride carries down the altar. Asters, known as the star flower are also used in decorations since they are known as ‘talisman of love’. Pink chrysanthemums can also be used in the bridal bouquet since they symbolise perfection and happiness. These flowers also have ancient stories linked to their origin which makes them more significant in wedding decorations.

Yellow the colour of Sun God, in weddings depicts eternal togetherness and companionship. Daffodils symbolizing new beginnings are seldom used for wedding but can be used for decoration since they are associated with good luck, prosperity and wealth; which are essential when one begins a married life. Gerbera daisies are also used to adorn wedding venues since they symbolise beauty and innocence in their purest form. They also bring in cheer, joy and lift the spirits of the surroundings. Roses, the symbol of love in their yellow manifestation can be used in bouquets and décor to depict friendship and happiness.

Loud décor:

The loud decorations begin with the touch of red. The colour red symbolises deep love which are metamorphosed in the form of red carnations. Carnations not only bring good luck but also beautify the surroundings of a wedding venue. Red roses that have been depicting eternal love for centuries now adorn the wedding venue and bring out the vibrant-self of every person present there. Red asters, depicting love and patience can be found in the bouquet held by the bride. Fuchsia themed weddings witness an assortment of flowers ranging from pink to purple. These flowers bring out the bright blush on a bride’s cheek. Aster, gladiolus, roses, pansies are few flowers that can make the wedding venue look lovely and vibrant.

Nevertheless, be it a simple, subtle or loud wedding, flowers used in a wedding décor definitely bring out a liveliness, freshness and exuberant feeling that greets the beginning of a new phase of life.