Different Varieties Of Flowers In October

Seasons are defined as the numerous changes made in climate that take place in cyclic patterns. On the earth planet, there are 4 common seasons, taking place, that is, Winter, Autumn, Summer and Spring. These different seasons have carried out different species of flowers to blossom. Seasons and flowers are related to each other in different ways.

Introduction to autumn

When it comes to autumn season, there are different varieties of flowers available. One knows that autumn is the season of major crops. Crops are reaped during this season. There is a presence of beautiful and unique flowers that alter their shades and colors at their best. This season falls throughout  the September month to November month in the northern Hemisphere, and in the Southern Hemisphere, it falls during the March to June.

According to Indian Mythology, it is considered to be the favorite season for the ‘Saraswati’, the goddess of learning. There is a wide range of flowers available during this season to choose from. As the October month falls in this season, it is said to be the colorful month of the year. Whether it is a wedding party or a reception event or any other occasion, this season provides various flower options to opt for.

Different kinds of flowers

There are so many flowers available during this season. One can choose any type of flower, based on his/her interests and choices, for decoration, gift giving and many other reasons. Take a look at several of the October month flowers, mentioned below:

  • Acashia: These flowers are comprised of 5 very tiny petals. These petals are approximately concealed by the long stamens. They are cream or yellow in color in  most of the species. These flowers are also available in red, purple or white color. These flowers can be differentiated from those of a huge related genus. They have more than  10 stamens.
  • Lily:Lilium Candium is a sort of herbaceous flowering plants that grows from bulbs, all of with big noticeable flowers. They are a collection of flowering plants that play a great significance in literature and culture in most of the areas worldwide. Various plants have ‘lily’ in their general name, but do not belong to true lilies. They are big flowers, often aromatic. They are available in different colors such as pink, orange, purple, red, white, and yellow.
  • Sunflower:It’s another name is Helianthus. It is a type of plants that comprises of approximately 52 species in the family of Asteracecae. The general name of this type of flower also applies to the famous annual species named as Helianthus annuus. There is a wide range of sunflowers available in different parts of the world. They have bright yellow colored ray florets at the outer regions and maroon or yellow disc florets in the inner regions.
  • Yarrow:Another name of yarrow is Achillea Millefolium. It is another type of flower that belongs to the family of Asteracecae. This species of flowers is inherent from the temperate areas of the Northern Hemisphere in Europe, North America and Asia. They include a disk and ray flowers that are white to pink in color.
  • Liatris: It is a sort of flower species that relate the Asteraceae family, which is inherent from the areas of North America that includes the Bahamas and Mexico. It is popular in the world by its other names, such as gayfeather and blazing star. One can use some of the species of this flower as ornamental plants in preparing the bouquets. The heads of flowers have disc forests without any type of ray florets.
  • Rose:It is a woody perennial of the flower name, Rosa. It belongs to the family of the Rosaceae. One can get a wide range of species of this flower and also lots of cultivars. They may vary according to shape and size. They are normally showy and large. One can choose from wide colors of roses that may vary from yellow colored roses to red colored roses. They are well known for their beauty. People often use these types of flowers in order to give gifts to someone else, decoration reasons and a lot more.
  • China Berry:The flowers of the China Berry tree are fragrant and small. These flowers comprise of 5 pale lilac or pale purple petals that grow in clustered form. Another name for the tree from which this flower grows is white cedar, Melia Azedarach, cape lilac, and many others.

Other kinds of flowers available in the month of the October are Gloriosa, Salvia, Cosmos, Amaranthus,Allium, Freesia, Rowen Berry, Quince, Zinnia, star of Bethlehem and many more. The above mentioned flowers are used for different reasons. One can use any type of autumn flower from the list in the form of bouquets for wedding, receptions, birthdays and many more. A person can also make use of these flowers for gardening reasons.