Diwali Rangoli with Diya - Easy Indian Rangoli

Diwali Rangoli with Diya

Diwali, the festival of light, is just around the corner and you have ample reasons to push the creative boundaries with rangoli designs. Rangolis are designed to invite the Goddess Laxmi and attract prosperity and good luck. Rangoli designs with flowers look gorgeous and create a grand statement for your lovely abode.  If you think you don’t have the skill to draw the rangoli, well, here is Arena Flowers helping you to break the bubble for you and loving every bit of it!diwali diya rangoli designs

We are trying Diwali rangoli with diyas this time, to commemorate and complement the very element of the festival- exuberance, and radiance.

First of all, it is not rocket science or pastry chaffing! So, relax and look at these ready references to create such beautiful rangoli design with Diya at your doorsteps, balcony and in the living room!

  • What if you could create a Diwali rangoli design with marigold petals and some candles? It is a beginner- level design but the pattern is definitely the perfect 10! Draw two circles and fill them with marigold petals.  Colourful diya sets in the centre create another layer of the design.  Besides. you can extend the design the way you want to, for, it is your baby now! You can create pattern all over connecting to the main circle or traditional ‘mandal’ shapes.Diwali Rangoli With Diya
  • This rangoli design with Diya is probably uses all the elements of Diwali - flowers, light and colour! Draw circles, fill in petals and instead of putting two contrasting hues and pushing the ‘diya’ on the sidelines, you can put it in the centre! You can use colour or flower petals. Again, you can play around the design and instead, of a complicated Ganesha pattern, you can settle for symbols of ‘Swastika’ and ‘OM’.Diwali Rangoli Diyas
  • This is certainly one of our favourite design as it brings a certain charm onboard! The Zen impact is so evident! If you want to sit by in a corner looking for peace and spirituality within, especially on a Diwali night, try this out! Don’t go by the overall visual, this rangoli is fairly easy to create! You would need three types of flowers and candles in circles. Put candles or diya and laughing Buddha in the centre.diwali diyas & rangoli
  • This design is one of the most beautiful designs out there! Created with flower petals, the design brings out the beauty of flowers in an amazing way! The beauty is you can use as many flower petals you want! Put a diya or candle in a mason jar to make it enticing!Draw a flower with a chalk, which you want to design, small or big! Fill it with petals. You can choose to create two small flowers as per the space you want to decorate or can create a big one to fill up the floor.Diwali Diyas Rangoli Designs
  • The highlight of this beautiful design is that how it brings different shapes and combines them to form one pattern. Draw the patterns one by one, starting from the star inthe centre and so on. The complexity of the design in totality is quite overwhelming but break it apart and you would notice, how easy it is! Play with as many colours you want but we suggest you use contrasting hues to make different elements really stand out.Diwali Rangoli

Diwali rangolis with diyas can really bring out the festive mood as well as unleash the creativity in you! This ages-old tradition thrives and stays alive until now because of its sheer simplicity and beauty it brings to our living space. This Diwali, try a few rangoli designs with flowers and diyas to welcome prosperity, good luck and positive vibes! Use flowers to make your Diwali eco-friendly and safe!