Flowers are so versatile. We use them to decorate our house, gift them to our friends and loved ones, garlands made out of flowers are used to honour the dead and sometimes people simply buy flowers to uplift their spirits when they feel low; all this and so much more, flowers are totally awesome. It does make us all sad to see these beauties wither away, doesn’t it? Cheer up for we bring to you an extremely creative way of preserving and using your flowers once they start to wilt. Follow these few simple steps and turn your regular white candles into beautiful dried flower candles. Read on.


As is the case while taking up any DIY project, you need to gather a few easily available things in order to create your dried flower candle. First of all you obviously need candles. You can pick as many candles as you want to decorate, scented or unscented, totally as per your preference. Just make sure to pick an extra candle too that would be used solely as a heat source. Next what you need is a spoon, a pair of tweezers, a pair of scissors and the star of your project, some dried flowers. You can either buy dried and pressed flowers online or from a store. Flowers like roses, daisies, violets, chrysanthemums etc can be a beautiful choice. In case you want to use flowers after drying them up on you own, here is how you can do it. Using pieces of grass to decorate your candles for an added natural effect can be a nice idea too.

flowers stick to candleSTEP 2: STICK THE FLOWERS TO THE CANDLE

It is now time to start sticking your flowers to the candle. For this you must first light up a candle to be used as your heat source. Start heating your spoon over this candle. Now take a dry flower and using the heated up spoon, fix it on the candle by pressing on its edges smoothly to make it stick good. Just make sure that you are careful with the intensity you use to stick the flower to the candle in order to avoid your candle from breaking. Also, do not hold the heated spoon to a single spot for long. Rather, keep brushing over the area or else you might end up melting too much wax on a particular spot making your candle uneven. You can use your creativity to fashion a unique design for your candle. Once your flowers are finely fixed on to the candle, make sure to cut off the excess flower with scissors.


If after you are done decorating your candle, you notice that few of the petals don’t look as smooth and beautiful, do not panic. Just melt some wax and make sure it is liquid but not boiling. Now pour the melted wax in a glass whose diameter is a little more than that of your decorated candle. Hold the wick of your candle carefully and dip it in the glass containing wax for not more than five seconds. Post this pull out your candle and you will see an even layer of wax on its entire surface making the candle look great. Leave your candle to dry for at least two hours.


Once your candle dries up, keep it in front of you and marvel at its beauty for hours. Just kidding!  Post drying up, you can use your candle in whichever way you want. It can make for a great personalised gift; you can light it up while having a romantic dinner with your special someone or you can simply decorate it in your bedroom or bathroom.