Easy and Simple Rangoli Flower Ideas for Diwali

Rangoli Flower Ideas for Diwali

diwali rangoli with flowers ideas

Diwali is incomplete without rangoli! The colorful patterns drawn on the floors are believed to welcome the Goddess Laxmi and bring prosperity for the owners. However, you don’t always have to use chemical-based colours to decorate your house.  You can create gorgeous rangoli designs with flowers! Who wouldn’t love bright, brilliant and beautiful colours of flowers to adorn home, minus the chemical and skin allergies the flowers bring with them! Besides, you can use as many flowers you want without going overboard! The fragrance is subtle, lingering in the air! Unlike, the color rangoli, the flower rangoli designs are all-natural, once you are done, you can compost them for manure. These are cost-effective too!  Usually rose, marigolds and daisies are used for flower rangolis but you don’t have to stop yourself! You can also source flowers from a flower centerpiece or flower bouquet that has started to wilt. Pluck the petals, immerse them in water and refrigerate. Take the flowers out before thirty minutes you start with the design.

So, this festive season, go eco-friendly. Maya Flowers brings you ready references for this Karwachauth and Diwali! If you want to some creative floral inspiration for Diwali décor, scroll down to see some easy yet beautiful designs!

You need:

  • Flower petals
  • Candles or diyas
  • Chalk to draw the pattern

Note: You can try these at home!


  1. Create a flower out of flowers! Put on your creative hat and let your creative juices flow. You can play around with the size, colour and overall design.Diwali Rangoli
  2. Running short of time? Not good with the patterns? Want to brighten up a dull corner? Well, not to worry! This beautiful semi-circle in the corner use all the props we have mentioned above. The best part is, you can pull this in a few minutes! No rocket science that is!rangoli with flowers
  3. Diwali is a festival of light. The sky shimmers with spectacular fireworks on the Diwali night, but why let this stop you from trying a floating flower rangoli? Keep this in your living room or balcony to make your home really ‘lit’! The best part about this design is you don’t even need to have simple drawing skills! All you need is a large brass pot or urli to flaunt this rangoli design that has floating flowers!rangoli with flowers in water
  4. Create a Zen corner in your house to welcome peace, happiness and prosperity this Diwali. The dim light emitting from candles give this rangoli a subliminal effect!  Don’t let the visual impact of the design fool you with its intricacy. Draw three circles and layer up three different colours of petals. Place little Buddha or meditating Buddha in the centre and diyas or candles at each end.rangoli diwali ideas
  5. Are you living in an apartment and have limited space to deck up with flowers and rangoli? Don’t worry, we have got you covered! Adorn your home with this beautiful semi-circle flower rangoli! Give your home an instant makeover with only three different flowers and four candles!Rangoli with flowers
  6. Want to go larger than life this festive season? Try this beautiful design that is bigger and better! If you have a larger space to fill, this design can do wonders to the overall décor of your home. Use as many colours and candles you want as the possibilities are immense with this design!Diwali Rangoli with Flowers Ideas


Hope you like these flower ideas for Diwali! Go eco-friendly this festive season and charm your guests with these unique designs. Let flowers be the harbinger of prosperity and good luck for you!