Facts About Lilies Flower


Lilies are the favourite flowers of many a people across the world. These flowers are large and prominent. These flowers are important in the literary and the cultural world. The species of the plant are native to the temperate regions of the northern hemisphere. Their range however extends to the northern subtropical regions. Lilies belong to the Lilium genus of the herbaceous flowering plants. Lilies are mostly 2 to 6 feet tall.

The history of lilies is rich and goes once more to hundreds of years back. Lilies were once discovered in pictures in a villa in Crete going again to the Minoan Period in around 1580 BC. Lilies have some religious significances, they are talked about in both the Old and the New Testament. Their imagery is of chastity and uprightness. The Easter Lily is a standout amongst the most well known lilies and it speaks to the restoration of Christ. The Easter Lily improves numerous houses of worship throughout the Easter period. The Easter Lily obviously appropriated its name from the falling of the guilt of Christ when he was on the cross. Antiquated legend says that where the blood tumbled from the cross, there sprung the blooms that then came to be regarded as the Easter Lily. Lilies likewise hold criticalness in Christian and Pagan customs as they symbolize richness. In Greece, lilies are an image of virtue and wealth. The point when Greek ladies are wedded, they wear a crown of lilies and wheat which intimates this immaculateness and plenitude. In Greek mythology, the lily was the bloom of Hera, wife of Zeus, and should have shaped from the milk of her breast. In Roman mythology, Venus, goddess of magnificence, was evidently so envious of the bloom's white perfection that she made a tremendous pistil develop from its focus. The lily blossom was acknowledged sacrosanct in the Minoan development, and a painted picture of one dating to something like 1580 B.C. was discovered in Crete.

Lilies are likewise an image of demise and in the past they have been sprinkled on the graves of kids. The Stargazer Lily is one of the later sorts of lilies, and it was created in the twentieth century and it symbolizes riches, flourishing and yearning. The Stargazer Lily is eminent for its exceptional excellence. Unlike numerous different sorts of blooms, lilies have no true medicinal worth, notwithstanding they have been utilized as a part of conjunction with different fixings for the medicine of fever, and for cleaning wounds, smoulders and bruises.


All around history, lilies have motivated storytellers, writers and craftsmen, pictures of the lily blossom might be discovered on Egyptian tombs, Cretan divider compositions and Assyrian carvings going once again back to the 1580 BC. In Feng Shui lilies are typical of summer and wealth, while the Chinese think about lilies to mean "until the end of time enamoured."

The characteristic magnificence and typical virtue of lilies, makes the lily blossom an immaculate blessing for any event. Right from a wedding to a birthday celebration to any other event that needs to be celebrated, a Lily turns out to be the perfect flower for the purpose of embellishment.

In the modern day Lilies continue to hold their significance and symbolism more or less like in the olden days. Lilies of different colours hold different significances.

  • White Lily - It is also known as the Easter Lily. It signifies innocence, purity, hope and virtue.
  • Pink Lily - It symbolises wealth and prosperity. They are a perfect gift for weddings,  and birthdays and various other celebrations. It also stands for hopes and aspirations.
  • Orange Lily - These stunningly beautiful flowers are also called Tiger Lilies which is a definite symbol for wealth and of prosperity.
  • Yellow Lily - The lush elegant looking flower stands for gait and is also connected to feminine sexuality.
  • Red Lily - The colour red has always been a symbol for something or the other. In terms of the flower Lily, a red lily which is a hybridised flower signifies love.
  • Oriental Lily - The flower has a general significance of trust and purity which makes it a perfect flower for mother's day, father's day and many such occasions.


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So, what we see is that the Lilies have held a deep meaning ever since time immortal. It holds a legend in various mythologies. In the modern day, it has been hybridized to form different colors which just add more variety and diversity to the flower. These flowers make for a perfect gift for any given occasion. It is said that dreams about Lily ensue happiness, marriage and prosperity. A flower which such rich history and lush beauty, the Lily has made its presence felt in all times that mankind has seen.