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Zodiac Flowers List

Of course, flowers are the ultimate symbol of love and affection but they sure do confuse a lot. Especially, when you have to send flowers online to your loved ones! They are all so beautiful that you can't decide! Even if you can choose them on the basis of occasions, it is really difficult to find one. You don't know which flowers they would like. This is why we bring you one different, a whole new fresh perspective to look at it! The zodiac sign! While it might still be debatable how an astrology sign decides one's fate and all, but it sure does give some insightful information regarding what their most compatible and favourite flowers would be! So, next time when you are still wondering whether to send them red roses or a mixed bunch of tulips, a terrarium or a pack of chocolates with lucky bamboo, you know where to look at!

What is the connection between the Zodiac signs and flowers?

Zodiac signs give some unmistakable hints about one's personality and behavioural traits. A Capricorn is indomitable. A Cancerian is hopelessly romantic and a Tauras is strong-headed but essentially like a coconut shell. Tough on the outside but gooey, romantic on the inside. These cues help the floral experts to find out the flowers that are best-suited for them.

Zodiac Flower Tips and Ideas

Aries zodiac flower

Aries (March 21-April 20): Lady Gaga, Vincent Van Gogh, Hugh Hefner, Leonardo Da Vinci and Jackie Chan are Aries. You got the drift now, don't you? They are creative, warm, independent and yet stubborn. Essentially, this stubbornness is what takes them places and put a leash on their reckless carefree spirit. However, this 'go-getter' spirit doesn't push their romantic side too far. For Aries Zodiac, what could be a better gift than a bunch of red flowers! Red is the colour of passion, indomitable spirit and restraint-free energy! A red rose bouquet or red tulip bouquet will match their boldness and complement your feelings for them!

Taurus zodiac flower

Taurus (April 21-May 21): When someone asks you to describe a Taurean Zodiac, the best way could be to imagine a bull. They are headstrong, a bit moody, feelings so fierce at times that it even scares you. However, just a pat on their head, they will warm up to you and will come rushing in your arms. They are practical but mostly emotional, with no control over their outbursts. They often have trouble expressing themselves so you will have to let flowers prompt them to whisper sweet nothings into your ear!

A bunch of honeysuckle flowers can tickle their sensuality with its sweet fragrance and sheer beauty! Since they are very energetic, honeysuckle flowers can entice them with their dainty side but the assertive scent.

Gemini zodiac flower

Gemini (May 22-June 21): Oh, now we are on to the tricky ones because you are dealing with dual personality traits in one. You can never be sure which side would you be getting on? The fun, expressive and loveable side of them or a restless, pensive and 'leave me alone' type? Their sociable side let them win over a lot of friends but if they are not feeling the urge to socialise, they tend to become a loner. 

To match such an expansive personality, can there be a better flower than lavender? A flower that is as colourful as their personality and as sweet smelling as their fun side! Besides, when they switch to their pensive and serious side, these flowers can help them calm down and get a good night's sleep.

Cancer zodiac sign

Cancer (June 22- July 22): Cancer is a zodiac sign that is marked by the water element and has the moon as the ruling planet. It is considered to be a feminine zodiac with all the signature traits of being a woman. For them, their family's priorities come much before theirs. They are sensitive and emotional. They are caring and usually think with their hearts and not minds. They tend to be very rooted and nurturing towards others. They tend to care a lot and sometimes, feel shortchanged due to their trustworthy nature. Patience and will power, any woman's signature trait, give them an edge over others. They have a loving personality and they deserve to be loved, all your heart.

For a Cancerian, a mixed flower bouquet of red and white roses could be the ultimate gift. White roses symbolise purity and affection whereas red roses inspire and ignite the 'go-getter' passion in them.

Leo zodiac flower

Leo (July 23 - August 22): Leos are lions so their behavioural traits, no wonder, match to this majestic creature. They love to lead and they sure love the spotlight on them. They have a creative side and if you have been observant enough, you will notice how many of them choose a career where they are in the epicentre of the drama and events. Barack Obama, Roger Federer, and Sandra Bullock are Leo. They have some magical sheer magnetism, which makes their job of casting a first impressive quite easy. They are ambitious, hardworking and with a sense of purpose. A Leo zodiac person loves luxury and has a sense of royalty in them.

Since the ruling planet of Leo is Sun, it seems more than obvious to surprise them with sunflowers! Sunflower is bold and bright, just like them! Their heliotropic qualities make them action-oriented and warm just like the person you are about to gift them to. The fresh flower bouquet of sunflowers can also help them on the days when their negative traits such as self-criticism take over and let them come back to their usual self.

Virgo zodiac flower

Virgo (August 23 - September 23): Virgo is an Earth sign so they are grounded, level-headed with an eye for detail. They analyse a lot and are considered to be intelligent. They sometimes overthink and go into anatomical details, which give them an advantage in their organization skills. When you are looking for a piece of advice, go to a Virgo person for advice, because if anybody has got a practical view of life, they are them.

For a person who is as action-oriented as a Virgo, morning glory flowers are just the perfect bunch for them. They are neat and with such detail, which only they can appreciate.

libra zodiac flower

Libra (September 24 - October 24): Librans are known for fine balance that they maintain between the world and their life. They are materialistic but they sure know when to turn inwards to look for some answers and attain some peace. They like luxury and appreciate fine things in life. With a high moralistic attitude towards life, they believe in fair play.

Surprise your Libran friends and loved ones with large flowers such as daisy and roses. Roses are their birthday flowers too. To appreciate their balancing attitude, you can get them a mixed bunch of roses and with foliage and silk thread tying them together.

Scorpio zodiac flower

Scorpio (October 23- November 23): This eight astrological sign represents strong-willed, passionate and intelligent people. Their negative traits could be possessiveness towards people they love. They are the ones, who would stop at nothing and do everything in their power to achieve their goals. They are driven by higher purpose and love the limelight. Leonardo Dicaprio, Ryan Gosling, Anne Hathway and Julia Roberts may ring a bell in your mind. However, it is their sensual side that comes to the fore when appealed. They are hopelessly romantic and sensitive when in love.

Go for bold-coloured and fully bloomed peonies for the Scorpion people in your life. They complement the beautiful side of the bold Scorpion people and wish them prosperity and good luck for their endeavours.

Sagittarius zodiac flowers

Sagittarius: (November 23 – December 23): With a horse and man as a Zodiac symbol, a Sagittarian zodiac combines both the physical strength and intellect. They love to travel and in fact, you could term it as the key characteristic of this astrological sign. They are open-minded and creative. They are a sucker of lateral thinking and appreciate new ideas. While the rest of us might be afraid of the changes, they appreciate the reality of change being the only constant.

Extrovert and optimistic, a Sagittarian in your life would definitely appreciate the beauty of a bunch of carnations. Carnations have a history of being a world traveller too. A native to the Mediterranean region, they are now found and cultivated all over the world. You can give them a mixed bunch of carnation flowers or go with their favourite colour implying your feelings and what you think about them. It is also believed that Mother Mary’s tears turned into pink carnations, which make them symbol of undying and pure love.

Capricorn zodiac flowers

Capricorn: (December 23 – January 23): The mountain goats are forward moving and a true go-getter in their lives. They are ambitious, dependable and most determined when they finally come to it. The only thing that takes them down is their fairly romanticised version of life. They are rarely practical and always very helpful, which make them feel shortchanged and betrayed at various points in life. They are ambivert and usually, don’t have many friends but various people around that they can hang out with.

Chrysanthemums are the go-to flowers for a Capricorn loved one. They are available in both wild and cultivated varieties, which cater to the adaptability of mountain goats. The ‘mums’ represent honesty, loyalty and cheerfulness – all the characteristics of Capricorns.

Aquarius zodiac flowers

Aquarius (January 23-February 23): Aquarians are intelligent, independent, stubborn and sometimes, indecisive. They don’t want to rush their relationships and want to take it slow. Once they commit, they tend to be in for all their life. They are excellent in communication and extrovert. They make friends and are loyal to them.

Strikingly beautiful and mesmerising orchids are the flowers for Aquarians. They are both traditional and exotic, just like them. They tend to adjust easily in any décor and symbolise riches, just the way Aquarians like it!

Pisces zodiac flowers

Pisces (February 23-March 23): Pisces Zodiac is romantic, sensual, creative and friendly. They often experience a strong urge to do path-breaking work, which can overwhelm them at times and leave them drained with no energy to socialise. They aim to achieve a balance between the worldly and spiritual matters, which is a no mean feat.

A Piscean in your life would appreciate the beauty of lilies. The Greeks also associated the flower with sensuality and passion. They represent innocence, purity and devotion – the traits many Pisceans would relate to.

Gift flowers to your loved ones according to their Zodiac sign and appreciate their presence in your life. Let us know if you could relate a loved one or yourself to the personality traits and respective flowers listed above! Drop in your views, feedback and suggestions in the comment and we will be glad to hear from you!