We all know how each month has a flower related to it that symbolizes birth. Just like people, each birth flower is also distinctive with its own significance. Let’s explore the characteristics and features related to the flower associated with the month of July. Known as Larkspur, it is a highly desirable cut flower with tall spikes of colourful petals.


Larkspur flower is known as a symbol of an open heart and ardent attachment. The spur of this flower resembles parts of the Lark bird thus the name Larkspur. Also, it is no wonder that these flowers symbolize swiftness and lightness after the Lark bird in flight.

Larkspur-Flower-Colors-ArrangementsCOLOURS LARKSPUR IS FOUND IN

Since these flowers symbolize an open heart, they can be easily associated with strong romantic feelings. Each colour variation in these flowers has a different meaning. While the pink blossoms convey fickleness, white Larkspur flowers signify a happy nature and the purple flowers represent first love or a sweet disposition.


Larkspur flower is often used as a medicine, but in carefully small amounts, for it has toxic qualities. It is said that drinking the juice of the seed of this flower can help the sting from a scorpion. Also, putting this juice in your hair can actually help in killing lice and nits. In the past the juice of these flowers was also used for making blue ink. The most interesting fun fact about Larkspur flowers is that in Transylvania, it was dried and placed in stables to ward away the witches! Quite some use it had!

Larkspur as a flower indicates a strong bond of love. Gift your loved ones a nice bunch or bouquet of these flowers and share the joy of summer!