The Marigold Flower

The extremely vibrant marigolds are the birth month flower for October. Ancient Christians used to place this flower on Mother Mary’s altar as offering, instead of coins, and that is where Marigold (Flower being Mary’s Gold, depicting coins) derives its name from. These pretty flowers have daisy-like or double, carnation-kind of flower heads and are grown singly as well as in clusters. The beauty and versatility of Marigold flowers makes them a very popular choice with different levels of gardeners.


Marigolds boast of a rich history and were widely used for a variety of purposes in old times like creating cosmetics, dying fabrics, treating health ailments, seasoning food etc. It could easily be said that these flowers were quite adaptable and fulfilled a lot of needs of ancient people. While at some places the garlands of these flowers were used for religious statues or during wedding ceremonies and even funerals, at a lot of places these flowers were considered symbols of creativity and passion.The meaning of Marigolds in the language of flowers is sorrow and grief but these flowers primarily convey the message “I will comfort your grieving heart”.

colorful-gardening-ideas-for-summerCOLOURS MARIGOLD FLOWER IS FOUND IN

Marigold flowers come in a range of colors. Clearly the most popular colour in which these flowers are found is Orange. The orange marigolds symbolize sun and the yellow ones symbolize light.Besides that, you can find Marigolds in gold, yellow and white colour. Few of these flowers may also come with petals outlined in purple or maroon making them look fancier.


  • In ancient times, these flowers were used as a sort of clock for these were said to be phototropic plants which means they follow the sun turning their flower heads towards it all through the day. Hence these flowers open late in the morning and close by the evening.
  • In Mexican tradition, Marigolds are considered as the flowers for the deceased on the ‘Day of Dead’ (a day celebrated by the Mexicans to honour the dead). The Mexicans adorn burial sites and altars with this flower on the aforementioned day as it is believed that the strong scent and intense colour of Marigold flower will attract the dead and lead them back to their old homes.
  • Marigolds are considered sacred by Hindus in Indian culture. They make garlands out of these flowers and use them in festivals and Indian weddings. Even the Muslims use these flowers in their sacred ceremonies.
  • Since these flowers are associated with Mother Mary, the English consider them as protection from evil and also as a symbol for good luck.
  • Marigold flowers are natural insect repellent. Hence, placing a potted plant near your home’s window may help keep mosquitoes and flies away.
  • These flowers are pretty much edible and hence are often used in salads as a substitute for the much more expensive saffron.


The versatile Marigold flowers can bring about a soulful quality to any bouquet. Bring in October’s birthday with the mellow beauty of this gorgeous flower that comes with a spicy fragrance and an intense hue.

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