Flower Prints are Passé. Make way for flower jewellery!

Make way for trendy flower jewellery!

Floral jewellery and saree is one awesome combination. Taking your ethnic wear to a whole new level of style and class, floral jewellery helps you strike the balance between the dazzling bling of a Kanjivaram or Banarasi and subtle style. Besides, it doesn’t overwhelm you. If you are looking to stand apart amidst the glam and glitz, go classy and refreshingly subtle with flower jewellery for sangeet and other functions!

Shine at wedding functions with flower jewellery. Wear bracelets and gajra for a social event. It is not just us caught in the awe of flowers and it is not even a new-age fad. Men and women from ancient civilisations have been adorning themselves with flowers. Not so long ago, Chinese would wear tulips, chrysanthemums and poppies wear flowers on their heads. Hollywood celebrity Diane Kruger made her fragrant presence felt on a red carpet wearing an Indian gajra with her Western ensemble!

Arena flower jewellery

From Kalidas’ Shakuntla to Alia Bhatt in Two States, we have every reason to believe that flower jewellery is here to stay! Much earlier, when we hadn’t discovered gold or any precious metal to adorn ourselves, it was flowers, succulents and twigs that let us adorn our bodies on special occasions.

historical flower jewellery in India

Even now, the tribes of Ethiopia’s Omo Valley weave pink buds into hair and wear large leaves as headgear. The famous photographer, Hans Silvester describes their flower jewellery as Natural Fashion and has also extensively covered them. He goes on to describe the swiftness of the nomads in creating headgear and flowers and how these extensions of nature provide a shield against the sun to the wearer.

wild flower jewellery

The Flower Power!

Floral jewellery is light and easy to maintain. You can wear it with your summer dress while you are heading for a destination wedding. You can also team it up with the Kanjivarams and cotton sarees to bring out the best of your ethnic look. You can choose from real flower jewellery or dry flower jewellery. The former is perishable and can only withstand heat and exertion for not more than three to four hours. Anyway, the shelf life of flowers is reduced to half when they are separated from the branches. However, dry flower jewellery is a much better option as it is durable and you can easily wear it for years to come.

Like your sarees, flower jewellery is also versatile. You can wear it to any social occasion and flaunt it! However, keeping your blouse design and colour of the saree in mind, you would like to tweak the pattern a bit. For instance, if you are wearing a mandarin blouse, you would like to do away with flower necklace or garland. If it is a summer wedding, choose pastels and light colour. The prints and flower jewellery can be quite overwhelming while negating the standalone beauty of both styles. The idea is to stand out hence, it is better to ensure that last minute experiments with your wedding look or party styles have refrained and your order flower jewellery much in advance!