Flowers and Theme Parties Arrangement

flower-decoWedding-Flower-Decoration-IdeasFlowers and Theme Parties:

Flowers are used in the parties because of the feel and calmness it offers to the spectators. From wedding decorations to baby shows flowers are the best parts of decoration which are creatively used to enhance the spirit of the occasion.

Flowers are decorated in different styles and types based on the theme of the party. The colour, type and size of the flowers are also considered in flower decorations.

Different types of flower decorations are

  • Centrepieces for buffet tables and centre table tops.
  • Garlands for decorating door.
  • Flower arches to decorate the entrance of the party venue.
  • Vase decorations in which flowers are arranged in mass   in different styles.
  • Bouquet arrangement of flowers to welcome guests to the venue.
  • Flower carpets in party venue made from flower petals bestow an elegant and a royal touch to your party.

Gift for Guests:

On occasions of marriage or any other formal event, single flowers or flower bracelets are gifted to the guests, which they can wear along with their dresses. Flowers bouquets are used in formal parties to welcome the guests. Mini pot flower plants and lollipop bouquets are presented to guests as a gratitude for attending the party.

Lawn Party: Garden decorations:

When it is your spring party, flowers are the best decorations to welcome the beautiful season. Flower gardens can be fashioned, with Happy Timeproper mixing and arrangement of flowers based on colour and size.

Flower Gardens can be set by arranging flower pots in an array, in different designs and positions. To add the beauty, flower garlands and innovative flower pieces can be mounted on walls and pillars.

Marriage and anniversary themes:

Marriage is the most ceremonious and colourful occasion which signifies the union of two souls. Marriage parties are made vibrant with colour flowers in yellow, red, orange and violet theme. Each flower colour is chosen based on the meaning of flowers and the radiating colours which  gives meaning to the occasion. Flowers are most preferred in Indian marriages, starting from jasmine, marigolds, lilies and roses. Some people prefer soothing white flowers like Lilly for decorating their party venue.

Even anniversary celebration parties are mainly decorated with flowers, using flower garlands and flower showpieces.

Valentine’s Day themes:

Valentine’s Day parties are incomplete without flowers, especially without red roses. Red roses are a beautiful expression of love and romance.  Each valentine’s theme party would have a bunch of red flowers filling the pillars, table tops and even dresses

Flower dress theme party:

There are lots of crazy stuffs and themes used for organizing parties. These include flower dresses and accessories. Flower dresses are made by stitching fresh flowers to the dresses based on the colour theme. Even ear studs, bracelets and necklace made of flowers give a fresh aroma to the parties.

Theme parties using fresh flowers offer an exquisite and radiant feel to your parties. All you need is to have an expert flower arrangement partner, who can bring in the expected beauty and liveliness to the occasion using flowers.