Flowers That Grow in Your Garden with Little to No Sunlight

Indoor Flowering Plants Without Sunlight

Okay, so you have a yard that is shaded, but that doesn’t mean you can’t grow stunning flowers and plants all around the premises. It may come as a surprise that there are a number of flowering species that actually prefer low light in order to have sustained, healthy growth.

While many perennial plants thrive in light shade, some will still blossom even when left to grow in relatively dense foliage. This is strikingly different from what we observe with flowering annuals that grow better when afforded more sunshine.

If you have a considerable amount of shade in your garden, here are some flowers for you to grow that will bloom into beautiful, healthy blossoms even when afforded little to no sunlight.

Here is a list of Indoor plants that grow without sunlight:

Fuchsia - Indoor Flowering PlantFuchsia

You will find a number of different fuchsia varieties, with all of them having vivid colors. The variety where bright red and pink florets droop down gracefully from the plant is probably the one that is best recognized. The flowers tend to be slender or have a vigorously ruffled edge about them. Fuchsia grows indoor best when it’s left in partial shade for the better part of the day.

Bleeding Heart - Grow fast Indore without SunlightBleeding Heart

In keeping with its unique name, the bleeding heart flowering plant produces flowers that are pink in color and bear a heart-like shape. These flowers can be typically found towards the ends of the arching, graceful stems of this plant. During springtime, the plants can grow up to a maximum height of six feet, depending on the variety that you may have planted in your garden. This flower flourishes best in a cool, moist environment, so it is best to plant them in light to medium shade.


This is a highly favourable perennial variety among most gardeners. They are usually characterized by five-petal flowers in a rainbow of colors – purple, white, orange, pink, red, and a collection of striped varieties – and cannot be over watered, even when a person tries to do so. This flower is available in a large number of different species and varieties, with each of them thrives along rocky areas and creeks.

Forget-Me-Not - Common Indore Plants without Sunlightforget me not

The forget-me-not is indeed a memorable plant to have growing in your garden. They grow in the form of thick, tiny green mats, with the leaves being sprinkled with flat, five-petal flowers that have a blue hue to them. There are instances when the petals tend towards pink or white. This flower grows best under taller plants or in some shady areas to create a cheerful soil cover around them. While it is not necessary for the soil to be rich in nutrients, the moisture content should always be on the higher side. This is typically a low-maintenance plant, so the flowers can grow without asking for too much of your attention.


A fitting choice for being grown indoors, in pots, hanging baskets, or flower beds, the begonia represent a plant that is highly adaptable to all conditions. Depending on the variety, the flowers can be red, pink, yellow, or white. These plants grow in dense foliage and do not reach more than nine inches in height. The flowers simply cannot stand frost, but thrive in the shade, while a touch of care and attention can help them attain the best bloom throughout the season.


A number of dogwood varieties are capable of tolerating partial to totally shaded conditions. The Cornus Florida is a spectacular species worth trying. They have a reddish-purple color that is synonymous with the autumn season, the beauty of which is surpassed only by the famous white flowers that appear during the spring season.


Plant some of these easy-to-grow shady blooms in your garden and add a pop of color to all that greenery without having to rely on a lot of sunlight.

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