Flowers certainly are one of the best gifts of nature to mankind. These make for a perfect gifting option for any occasion, be it birthdays or weddings. Have you ever thought of gifting someone flowers as per their zodiac sign? Sounds interesting? It is a known fact that each sign of zodiac is ruled by its own set of characteristics like gem stones, colors etc but did you know that each one of these sign also has certain flowers associated with it? Let’s explore which of the botanical beauties correspond with which zodiac sign!


They can be fiery & hot tempered on one hand and affectionate, motivated & organized on the other. Aries have endearing qualities like enterprising spirit and sharp decision making. Honeysuckle and Thistle are the birth flowers of people born under this sign. These people are strong and determined, and just like bees can’t resist the lure of the honeysuckle, other people can’t resist the energy of Aries.


Mostly known as stubborn, people belonging to the zodiac sign Taurus have a flare for finer things in life. Refinery comes naturally to them and they have a reputation for stability. You can nurture the sensitive and sensuous side of Taurus people by choosing Roses, Lilly and Poppy flowers as gifting options.



Known for their creative nature and big imagination, people belonging to this zodiac sign have two sides to their personality. They can be deeply expressive while being quite introspective. Orchids, Violets, Lilacs and tropical flowers are the perfect picks for people belonging to Gemini zodiac sign.



Funny, sweet, good natured and easy to get along, sensitivity is the watchword for this zodiac sign. White flowers of various kinds are known as their birth flowers, especially white roses, perhaps the pure white color has something to do with the purity of spirit that people born under this sign seem to possess! Besides this, Lilly, Lotus and Morning Glory flowers also appeal the Cancer sign.


People born under the sign of Leo are kind, fun-loving, big & warm hearted. They are quite faithful & loyal, love creative things such as music, art, dance etc and are natural leaders. Sunflowers and Marigolds would make for perfect gifts for a Leo.



Virgos are known to have a perfection oriented nature. They are extremely caring, friendly, quite dependable and patient. Chrysanthemums, Asters and Yellow Carnations are the flowers for people born under Virgo sign.




Roses of all kinds, especially the large ones are the blooms associated to this zodiac sign. Keen on balance, fair play and justice for all, Librans can also be quite cheerful, energetic and affectionate. They are attracted to philosophy, art, poetry and have a thing for classic beauty. Daisies, Bluebells and Hydrangeas are few other flowers associated to this zodiac sign.


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Scorpios are the most mysterious of all the zodiac signs. They have multiple layers to their personality and it is not easy to identify their true nature. They are intelligent, passionate, charismatic and loyal. Dark red Geraniums and Honeysuckle are the best flowers to gift a Scorpio.



Honesty, forthrightness and intellectualism are few of the qualities of a true Sagittarian. They are loveable, fun to be with and can be very influential too. Pink Carnations and Thistles are the flowers associated to this zodiac sign.



Capricorns are known for getting better as they age, just like fine wines! Adept at putting things in order, they are strong willed, determined and possess a strong personality that makes them natural leaders. Pansies, Ivy flowers, Baby’s breath and Knapweed are must picks when buying flowers for a Capricorn.


aquarius (2)AQUARIUS

Absolutely non-conventional, Aquarians are affable, kind, forward thinking and expressive. A natural humanitarian, an Aquarian is very good at completing tasks and organizing things. Orchids are the flowers associated with this zodiac sign.




The world would be a boring place without a Piscean around! Extremely intuitive and excellent communicators, Pisceans are said to have a great sense of humor. They can be easily swayed by emotions, have a sharp memory and possess natural creative abilities. Water Lilies are the right flowers to gift a Piscean as per the zodiac.


Different flowers have different expressions and meanings associated to them. Now that you know which flower corresponds to which sign, use this information to make your loved ones feel special and see them get wowed by your level of thoughtfulness!