blossomBirthday are a great event in anybody’s life, it is a day to rejoice to celebrate and to enjoy. A person having birthday is bound to be made felt special and great and for that purpose it is of utmost essence that the perfect birthday gift is selected. Choosing the right gift for anyone can be a really tough task as one needs to take into consideration a lot of factors before zeroing in on a particular gift. One of the best gifts to gift to anyone on his or her birthday is flowers. These pretty flowers have so much beauty and vile present in them that it is bound to leave the receiver spellbound and enchanted with this token of love and appreciation. Birthdays are those days when the person who is having his or her birthday must be made to feel extravagant and superb and nothing can suit this purpose more than flowers. The beautiful petal, the bright hue of the colors and the magnificent aroma automatically brings a smile on the face of the person and brims his or her heart full of love. Imagine the smile and happiness radiating from your loved ones face when he gets up on his birthday and finds a bouquet of fresh flowers by his bedside or a bunch of yet to blossom buds in front of him. It will not only create sweet memories but also in script them in their minds to be etched on to last forever.  That is the power, the magic of flowers.


It is said love has no boundaries and the best way to express this love is with the help of flowers. The language of flowers was discovered in the Victorian era and soon after that people started associating flowers with birthdays. A few flowers were kept aside to be gifted to people having birthdays in specific months; these came to be known as birth flowers. Though, there is no fixed rule and regulations as to what flowers is to be gifted on anyone’s birthday but it is a well-practiced phenomenon as to gift certain flowers which are considered to be apt for birthdays. These flowers are considered lucky and suitable for people born in such respective months and said to possess the charm and charisma as to attract people born in the months towards themselves, thus making your gift truly a memorable and unforgettable one.


blossomAfter studying various traditions and rituals it can be said the following list of flowers are well suited for people having their birthdays in the following months:

  • JANUARY: January is the month of the carnations.  People born in this month are said to be attracted towards this flower more than any other. Carnations are a flower which is taken as a symbol of fascination and love.
  • February: The people born in February are more attracted towards the violet. It said to bring peace and tranquility to the people born in this month. Signifying chastity, humility and faithfulness, the aroma of the violets loudly announces the faith you have in him/her.
  • March: Daffodils are the flowers to be gifted to the people born in March. Daffodils signify joy, happiness and love and are believed to bring a person who is born in this month with all these attributes.
  • April: The sweet lil’ pea is the flower for people born in April. The pleasant pastel texture of the flower makes it appear ever so elegant and adorable and is the perfect gift for a person born in April.
  • May: The flower to be gifted to any person born in the month of May is lily. Signifying sweetness, Lilies are the best gift to be given in a bunch to a person whose birthday falls in the month of May.
  • June: The king of flowers, roses is the flower for the month of June. Roses are believed to bring a person born in June with happiness and serenity.
  • July: Larkspur is the flower to be gifted to people born in the month of July. Representing Joy in a person’s life, larkspurs have the same effect to take out all negativity out of a person’s life and fill it to the brim with Joy.
  • August: Gladiolus representing sincerity is the flower for the month of august. If you sincerely like a person born in august then it is the flower to be gifted.
  • September:   A person with his birthday falling in September ought to be gifted the aster, a beautiful flower which is bound to make the person feel special with the act.
  • October: Gerbera is the flower for people born in October. This beautiful flower representing truth and beauty is supposed to be flowers meaningthe best gift for people born in the month.
  • November: Depicting cheerfulness, chrysanthemum is the flower to be gifted to people belonging to the month of November.
  • December: AT last in the month of December, the flower narcissus which represents love and beauty is considered to be the apt flower to be gifted.

Now that you are all aware of all possible flowers to be gifted, go ahead and make your loved ones smile with a bunch of GOD’s beauty.