Gifting Valentine Day Flower And 4 Creative Ways To Celebrate The Special Day

kiss dayAlmost everyone in the world knows, on Feb 14th we celebrate Valentine’s Day. Though it is a special day for everyone, but Feb 14th is not declared as a public holiday. It is a festival celebrated of romantic love and on this special occasion, people gift card, flowers and letters to their spouse or girlfriends. They arrange a romantic meal in a hotel. The flowers, candy and gift are exchanged in the name of St. Valentine. According to legend, we started celebrating Valentine’s day around 3rd century in Europe and still love and affection are carried by the people till today. Most popular symbols used on this special day are roses, heart and cupid. People who wish to have a relationship with a special person would make this known by gifting them red roses, heart and chocolate. Some people gift diamond rings and other jewelry. There are many reasons behind celebrating the occasion and few reasons are given below.

  • It is a tradition for most people to celebrate St. Valentine, the saint of romantic cause.
  • It is the best time to express your love to the person you love most.
  • It is a good time to take a break and to go for a romantic weekend with your partner.
  • To spread love to family and friends and make them know how much you care for them.
  • The best day to enjoy ice-cream, chocolates and other valentine recipe’s with your partner.
  • Stay in a five star hotel and go for a dinner with your partner.

When the day comes near, people get confused what to gift their partner? Many of them head towards the store to purchase flowers. Even if you forget to purchase, a present, you would never forget to buy special roses for the person you love most. Flowers remain a special part on the auspicious day and many girl’s dreams of getting gifted with red roses on valentine’s day. The red rosesreasons why we gift flowers are not clear, but flowers would be the first preference for most people to gift their loved ones. Flowers are appreciated for their beauty, and there are special valentines flower available with conventional meaning.

Roses – To convey a message of love most people choose roses to gift their partner on Valentine’s Day. Red roses symbolize love and beauty, pink roses symbolizes elegance and joy, orange rose symbolizes passion, yellow roses symbolize warmth, lavender roses symbolize new love and white rose are gifted for purity and innocence.

Orchids –There are many types of orchids available in the world and when it comes of gifting someone on a special day it may confuse you. The flower brings a feeling of love, beauty and seduction. While gifting someone orchids it means you are telling, how much you admire the rare and delicate beauty. Blooming orchid flowers makes a wonderful gift on Valentine’s Day.

Lilies- A bouquet of fresh lilies represents celebration, ambition and enthusiasm. The flowers give a feeling of fresh love, friendship and devotion and you can gift them to your partner on Valentine’s Day.

Tulips – Red tulips symbolizes love, whereas pink and yellow represents caring. A bouquet of fresh tulips arranged with a variety of colors will make a long lasting remember able gift to your beloved. A tulip helps to signify your strong love and feelings.

Carnations – Varieties of carnations represent love and fascination towards your partner. They make a great gift at the first stage of relationship, and pink carnations are associated with women’s love, so a man should gift them to his women.

To make the day enjoyable and special one, you can celebrate Valentine’s Day in a creative way.

Choose candlelight dinner – On the day, it is a great idea to prepare valentines recipe at home. Spread some rose petals on the way to the table where you will be going to have dinner with your beloved. Make sure you open a bottle of wine on the day.

Gazing stars – it is a great idea and you can have lots of fun gazing stars with your partner from the roof of your home. You can also choose a great lonely place where you can gaze stars with your lover.

Share memories – spend an evening both of your near to the fire and share all the activities, and romantic days, you have spent together. You must spend some quality time with your partner in a romantic way and share a glass of wine.

Dress up smartly – even if you are not going for a date, you must look fabulous on the special day. Choose dresses that will make you feel confident and comfortable. Do your hair and try for new makeup style. You must focus on your dressing, and you must look fabulous on Valentine’s Day.