History and Meaning of White Rose

Understanding the History and Meaning of White Rose

The color of the flower is an important element as it is very important to choose the right flowers to commemorate the occasion. White roses are the traditional wedding flower and also called bride’s flowers but red roses are dedicated to express passion and romance.  Maya Flowers helps you to make an informed decision and choose the right flowers for your special occasion and moment. In this series, we learn about the color that never fades and the fragrance that is ethereal and charming.

History of White Rose

White roses, in the Roman era, were associated with Goddess Aphrodite and it is believed that it was only after she pricked herself and her blood trickled down on the roses, they turned red. In Christianity, white roses are attributed to Virgin Mary, who is also called the Mystical Rose of Heaven, emphasizing the white rose being joyous and pure.

Apart from being an important part of War of the Roses, fought in the 15th Century of England, it was also used to sworn secrecy.

The trend of bridal white roses was started when Queen Victoria when she walked down the aisle in 1840 with a bouquet of white flowers in hand.

Different Meaning of White Roses

When can you give White Roses?

White Rose meaning At Weddings:white roses meaning in wedding

It is the white rose that represents the young and innocent love of a bride that she brings and bestows to her life partner. It sends the message of loyalty and claims worthiness of one’s love by expressing purity and innocence of emotions.  At weddings, it is the main element of décor as well.

The white rose forms the bond and lays the foundation of a wedding. It emphasizes on the beauty of a newly-formed relationship by celebrating the bond the couple is trying to form for eternity. A white rose bouquet is also the perfect choice for Valentine’s Day if you want to convey that you are always going to stand by your loved one’s side and would support them no matter what. Unlike red roses, white flowers can be given to your mentor, parents, grandfathers, and teachers who have been your supporting pillar and a guiding light throughout your life.

White Roses meaning At Funerals:white roses meaning at Funeral

Besides, white roses along with white carnations and chrysanthemums are the most important and integral part of a funeral ceremony as they represent hope and purity. The color white is as sacred as heaven and the white roses promise a way to heaven. The flowers at such a sad time bring hope for the grieving family and console them that there is so much to life and they should let go. A white rose, at funerals, can be given as a single bud or bouquet. Wreaths, crosses, and centerpieces are also the widely-accepted white rose floral arrangements.

You can never go wrong with white roses or white rose arrangements. Representing the most basic yet most honest emotions, white roses bring clarity and sincerity to the occasion no matter what side they are to be given. They promise new beginnings, which are always positive and promising.